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Faculty Must be Empowered for Reaching out to the Students

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Vivek Agarwal

In the education sector, many companies have sold ICT solutions to various schools. Technology is seen as a hardware and software but what that software or hardware does to the learner, is completely missing. In e-Learning industry, we have these three balls metric. We call it: Content, Technology and Services. Services go toward making technology and content can work together to make learning effective and that is our ultimate objective.

The How do we make learners learn better? This is a big challenge for the private sector. We have a number of teachers but the quality of teachers is a problem. This problem can be addressed through technology. We need to innovate and figure out what works by broadening the definition of ICT. The missing pieces in the puzzle of ICT indicate that we do not focus enough on the faculty.

If we do not empower the faculty, then we cannot reach out to the students. We do not have infrastructure to reach the students directly yet. Even in U.S., much of the training and learning happens inside the classroom. Yet all the products and systems are designed for self study. The big challenge for us is to figure out how to make technology which helps the learner learn better.

Enough technology is available, but the application of technology is missing. We are talking about mobile and tablets but we have to see how it can affect the learning process. Technology does not have a limitation. Its limitation is only in the form of insufficient bandwidth or computing power. There are lots of products available in the market for the learner, but we have to figure out how they work for the learner.

So we have to focus on application of technology and figure out how to evaluate the quality. This is a big challenge.


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