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The present scenario in most educational environments where teaching is imparted through conventional means focuses on memory based short term information accumulation and not on the construction of knowledge. As a result, students are not learning through understanding and they find it difficult to tackle questions that appear to vary from those typically found in the textbooks given in the class.

NIIT brings unique learning solution “Interactive Classrooms @ Home” for the new age learners to make learning engaging and meaningful and also to overcome the current challenges. It is the first ‘cloud campus solution’ which is built keeping in mind these central ideas:

  • Children already have varying degrees of access to technology. Since technology has already entered the schools, now it must be put to better use at homes to teach better and enhance student performance.
  • Children need to be taught 21st century skills.
  • With parents as co-teachers, they play a pivotal role in their child’s education through technology.
  • Collaboration, communities and social learning networks are the way forward in the field of education.

Advantages of Interactive Classrooms @ Home

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  • Technology enabled learning, simulations, 3D animations and interactive models replace rote learning and dull home lessons.
  • Completely mapped to the school syllabus and daily lessons, Interactive Classrooms @ Home allows students to access lessons, notes, take practice tests, submit assignments and collaborate with peers, all while sitting at home.
  • This Hybrid model aids students to develop questioning skills and also provides Experiential, Cognitive and Personalised learning.
  • Parents can now be co-teachers and play a more pivotal role in their child’s education. The child’s progress and learning can be monitored on a regular basis. A better connect with the school and the teacher is possible through Interactive Classrooms @ Home.
  • The NCF 2005 has recommended that schools be converted to ICT rich environments. However teachers and schools should not be mere users of technology, instead they should be able to co-create content, adopt their own teaching styles, and collaborate with the entire teaching community in order to learn and contribute to the large repository of knowledge and experience available on the World Wide Web and all this is made possible by “Interactive Classrooms @ Home.”

Challenges Faced by Schools

School Management

  • Connecting with all stakeholders on a single platform
  • Adoption of appropriate teaching and learning methodologies, which will provide a meaningful and enriching experience for teachers and students.


  • Comprehending the subject
  • Recalling all concepts taught
  • Self-assessment
  • Developing an interest for the subject
  • Understanding real life application of the concept learnt.


  • Time constraints
  • Making the subject equally comprehensive for all students
  • Pressure to score high results


  • Not equipped to contribute actively in the child’s overall education.
  • Do not have access to learning resources to provide support at home or assess the understanding of child.
  • Unable to stay in constant touch with the child’s academic progress.

A Research study affirmed the fact that students can benefit from the flexibility and regular access to course materials provided by online education

NIIT Nguru’s Interactive Classrooms @ Home (the solution which made learning possible at home through the advanced Cloud Technology) has been awarded “Best Interactive Solution Providers” award in World Education Awards 2012.

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