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Shortcoming of Our Education System

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A N Jha,
One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

Free laptops for each child is useless in areas where there is no electricity and internet connectivity

A substantial chunk of India’s population comprises of young folks, who are in need of quality education. Teachers in India have to be patient in their approach as they are the potters who mould our future generation. India is a fast developing superpower, but 69  percent schools do not have uninterrupted power supply, many schools do not even have tables and chairs.
In education, we talk of critical thinking, branding, solution providers and much else. Even in modern schools in urban areas, where the smart boards have been installed, we are not having the desired educational outcomes. This is because the smart boards are preprogrammed and they leave no scope for creativity.
Today’s children are unable to develop their intellect as they are over endowed with technology and they are obsessed with scoring grades in their examinations. A case can surely be made out for the government to intervene and enact some measures to reform our  education system.


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