Technology Driven Classrooms

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Poonam Singh Jamwal,
CMO, Extramarks

We should look at technology from the angle of improvements that it can bring inside classrooms

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Technology helps us in more optimal achievement of learning  goals. Students in a class have different skill sets and technology should help us reach out to all children in learning and understanding the concepts. The challenge today is that we look at technology just as hardware. Instead, we should be looking at technology from the angle of improvements that it can bring inside the classrooms.
While we deliberate on the important question of what we are going to teach, we should also ask ourselves why do we really teach  Science or any other subject. We teach Science with the intention of imparting the knowledge of the real world to the child. The child is  instinctively curious about the environment and Science helps him develop a sense of reasoning. So science is all about ideas, concepts, and theories that are being used to interpret the world. As Einstein once said, “Science should be taught by forming  connections between reality and physical theory”.
At Extramarks, we have taken a twofold philosophy. One is that there should be hierarchical learning from simple to complex and secondly we should be able to relate the classroom to the real world outside.In the course on skeleton, we teach children about the bones, number of bones there are in body etc. We need to teach him about -how he is standing, how he is working, what is giving him structure and how his bones work together. In Extramarks, we introduce an idea in the classroom, and then it is thoroughly explained by the animation part. In the classroom, teachers often find it difficult to explain different concepts to the students with the traditional chalk and board systems. Technology makes the courseware more accessible to the students and they are able to visualise the content  in form of animation and videos.

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