Knowledge should be Coupled with Common Sense

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Prabhakar Rao Polasani, Chairman, Rao’s Group of Educational Institutions, opined that our education system should be more interactive and make students think out-of-the-box, at eINDIA 2012

In today’s world, children are very active when it comes to using technology. They know how to quickly operate and understand things that use technology.

Before we talk about having digital classrooms, we should first ponder over the purpose of educational institutions in India and the future in India. We have so many big and prestigious  institutions like the IITs in our country and a number of other institutions working towards getting students into the IITs, but do we have a noble prize winner from even one of the IITs?

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All it takes to get into an IIT is a lot of hard work and revision. Certainly, there is a lot we are missing out on. I shall explain this through an example. A 65-year-old man was suffering from a cardiac problem and was visiting a famous super-specialty hospital for his treatment where he also got his bypass surgery done. After two months, he fell sick with something else
that affected his lungs. He went to the same hospital where they tried to diagnose the problem through various tests. A week after he was discharged, he fell sick again, went to the same hospital and got the diagnosis repeated. This time, he visited another hospital to cross-check, where he was admitted for a week. His illness reoccurred. He now went to a third hospital where he was found to be suffering from fluid-filled lungs. What did all the other hospitals he went to miss out on? Idea.

Clearly, all the institutions in our country are imparting a lot of knowledge to the students, but this knowledge lacks common sense. We seriously need to analyse if the kind of education that we are imparting to our students make them think out-of-the-box and how interactive our teaching is.

Despite a lot of gadgets being introduced into the classrooms today, learning through visualisation still seems to be more impactful.

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