Dispelling the Fear of Math Among Children

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Fear of mathMath Lab at Algar Public School, Tuticorin
Principal: Deepashree

Alagar Public School in Tuticorin who have been using both hands-on instruments and software for teaching maths in the school. Deepashree, Principal of the schools shared their insights on how math labs changed the way of teaching and learning math…

The privatisation of education in India a decade ago was welcomed as it was aimed at enhancing the size and availability of skilled talent pool that India IAlagar Public School started in 2009 when the eight decade old business conglomerate Alagar group of companies under two aegis of our chairman A Jeyaraman first conceived the idea and developed it into reality.The school offers the renowned CBSE Curriculum and aims at academic excellence, positive social values and creative freedom. At Alagar students have exposure beyond books and academia.

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Alagar Public School introduced Math labs with Math Buddy programme last with an aim to dispel the fear of Math among children. It has indeed made Math easier and fun with choice of manipulatives and the software. It is heartening to see kids working with the Math kit in groups and are fully engaged. Our Math lab is one place where numbers truly come alive. It also helps children to visualize and understand the concepts.

Benefits of Math lab

  • Math Buddy helps in improving the standard of the students as well makes math more interesting.
  • Evaluation is done by the software itself.
  • Since Math Buddy software contains lots of examples and exercises, it helps the students to improve their mathematical skills.
  • Students feel to be an interactive informative method to understand the concepts of Math.
  • Students find Math lab an interactive method interesting to learn math. They feel it is an easy method to understand the concepts through online games.

No more Math fear among students
Now, I like learning Math because we can develop our skills with exciting tools. We understand the problems in the first time. I will invent such Math software in future, Says S Motheenath.

Math has now become very interesting to learn and it is very easy because if we don not know any concept we can learn in Math Buddy. Math Buddy is more easy than math text. We can do learn many concepts in Math buddy for example Decimals, Fraction, Angles, Tables, etc. It is easy to learn. It makes us to improve our math skills, says N Lohesh.

Maths is fun now and we can learn something by playing. There are many forms of learning in this like a quiz, choose the correct answer etc. Learning is fun, says R Shakthi Niveha. Math Buddy is very useful. We can get many information about Math. We can learn much sums. I like Math buddy very much, says R Dharun.

Math buddy is an interesting math software which helps us to improve our math knowledge. There are many chapters like number, metric measures, Geometry, Fractions. I like math buddy very much, says A Vidhu.

Math Buddy is a very interesting website. We all like that. The math games
of math buddy improve our knowledge of math. We get more ideas about math. The game can be won easily. In playing the game we understand some difficult sums, says A Flavin.

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