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Maths LabWith Mathematics playing a dynamic role in our lives, it is evident that applications of Mathematics are advancing at a spectacular rate. However, often students are found struggling with mathematical concepts. When teaching relies on generic formulae, theorems and concepts, students lose interest and find Mathematics dull and boring. This results in lower grades, eventually leading to a ‘Math phobia’ among students. The use of boards, notebooks and instructional learning often do not address the Math needs of a class of diverse students. For those students who require experimentation and visualisation, a variety of interactive teaching methods are needed.

Next Education, with an aim to cater to the needs has come up with an innovative platform, MathsLab, which allows students to develop deep insights into various mathematical concepts by experiential learning. MathsLab is a zone created with projectors, computers and various handson kits where children do various activities, projects and simulations to discover mathematical ideas and validate formulas.

What is MathsLab?

Next Education’s MathsLab is an innovative platform that allows students to develop deep insights into various mathematical concepts by experiential learning. Based on the ideology of Learn-Analyse-Build, MathsLab features pedagogically appropriate content, where students can learn through activities and perform simulations to discover mathematical ideas. The aim is to merge the three dimensions of understanding Mathematics: teacher sessions, student practice and hands-on activities.

Complying with the NCERT and NCF guidelines and catering to all school boards such as CBSE and ICSE in India, Next Education’s MathsLab aims to fill the gap between learning and practice.

Key features

Next Education’s MathsLab is a complete and comprehensive solution that encompasses all classes from KG to 10. One of the key differentiating aspects is the pedagogically- appropriate content based on the class and age of the students. It not only helps the students develop higher order thinking skills, but also gain holistic understanding.

  • Classes KG to 3 are taught Maths using a story-based approach with engrossing visuals that ensure the kids are focussed on the lesson.
  • For the higher classes (grade 4 to 10), Next Education has built Mathematical understanding by relating Maths to real-life applications. For example, MathsLab helps students understand how Maths can be applied to organise a school fete or how pictographs can be used to collate data.
  • Maths Lab also features numerous simulations, where a child can create various scenarios, perform multiple trials and thereby observe the results.

Next Education’s MathsLab’s comprehensive approach of incorporating activities with hands-on models provides avenues to cover Math topics by doing a teacher-led activity or hands-on activity. With the exhaustive list of physical models called Manipulative, teachers and students can perform hundreds of activities.

Next Education MathsLab’s learning laboratory presents an opportunity for teachers to reinforce concepts through thousands of exercise questions. On one side, the exercises provide personalised learning environment for students and on the other, they can also be used by teachers as formative assessments.

For easy integration into a school’s system and structuring lab classes, MathsLab comes with a ready-to-use lab plan. Additionally, the teachers and the management of the school can gain performance insights using the student and teacher usage reports. For instance, the ‘Individual Student Performance Report’ automatically generates and tracks each student’s progress in every chapter. The ‘Teacher and Student Usage Reports’, used by the management, tracks usage by teachers and students.

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