Bid Adieu to Chalk and Talk System

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Rita Kaul
Rita Kaul

The Millennium School Noida

The Millennium School Noida blends the technology of the west and the values of the east. Bidding adieu to the chalk and talk system and welcoming the new trends in the teaching-learning process, it has made  earning interesting, innovative and involving too.

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ICT in the school

All the Millennium schools across India have compulsory integration of technology. The effective communication process brought in by this integration has benefited teachers and students equally. The dynamic lesson plans have made the pupils responsible for their learning and at the same time it has resulted into independent progress and development of each and every student.
There is a need to equip children to face the challenges and emerge as winners in every sphere. The most effective tool is the innovative teaching pedagogy that involves the usage of technology in the classrooms and making it accessible to the students in the most effective way.
The interactive smart boards are the USP of our Millennium Learning System and these have made the teaching learning process extremely effective in clearing difficult and abstract concepts. The smart class modules are so interesting and it caters to total involvement of the learners. The students are actively involved in the classroom activities that take into consideration their learning styles as well as their overall development. Superficial learning rarely happens in a classroom where the entire process involves interaction.

Project based learning

The Class Mate Personal Computers (CPMC) that are used by the students of class III upwards enable the learners to connect to the world and their peer group globally so that they can expand their learning beyond the classroom and class boards. International projects are taken up by the students and through this, innovative and creative thoughts are shared with their peer group globally.
Project based learning paves the way for the students to be tech savvy and move along effortlessly in the evolving world of education.

Addressing different needs

We also believe that technology can play an important role in creating an effective and adaptable learning environment for teaching pupils with special educational needs and creating inclusive class rooms. In the school, inclusion of IT has stimulated much interest amongst differently-abled children and they have shown remarkable improvement in getting their concepts cleared at various mental ages and stages.
Smartclass is also used as an ICT tool to reach out to the differentlyabled learners by making learning effective and interesting. The autistic and dyslexic children who resist pen and paper generally love to work with their CMPC’s and children with attention deficit syndrome pay attention in a Smart Class.
It has been our belief that the students have a positive attitude towards learning new concepts and their learning potential increases day by day.

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