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Chinmaya Vidyala,

Number of Students: 1800 # Number of Faculty and Staff: 92  # Digital Classroom Solution: DigiClass by Pearson


Smart classrooms@ School
DigiClass was installed in 23 classrooms initially, however due to a phenomenal response from students and teachers , the school has been keen on the deployment of this solution for all grades and classrooms.
Prior to 2010, the school had little enthusiasm for ICT and infrastructural inept for its implementation. The school management however, showed interest towards teacher effectiveness and learning of students in the class, which further led to improved academic performance of students. Post a thorough evaluation of digital content offered by Pearson Education Services, with considerations of the varied feedback received from the subject teachers, the school recognised the importance of ICT and adopted DigiClass. The school has seen phenomenal change in teaching and learning across grades and ICT is now embedded fully in this school and 11 group of schools across Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

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Higher academic standards
Technology can play a vital role in helping students understand difficult and key concepts better, faster and also retention of the same for a longer period of time.
DigiClass is based on the “Cognitive Learning Process” the most widely accepted theory of learning process, which recognises the close relationship between that which is known and that which is to be learned. Learning is a process which is based on relationships: teacher with student, student with subject, and learning with memory.
The school has noticed a significantimprovement in student retention and concept understanding due to use of the technology. This has helped the school move towards a more student-centered learning approach which brings in cognitive learning to replace the chalk and blackboard model. The students found it fascinating, thanks to the repository of animations, diagrams, videos and worksheets. They were thrilled with the concept of 3D interaction and not only enjoyed the process of learning but grasped concepts better. As DigiClass has been customised to suit the syllabi of all classes and children of all ages were able to take advantage of the solution.

Student’s Feedback
“Classroom learning is a lot more interesting as we now have visual aids and 3D animated content which explains the topic. I look forward to my classes and we have a lot of fun learning”, Abdulla Shabil, Student of XII
Teacher’s Feedback
“DigiClass greatly increases the interest of a students towards the concept being taught, thanks to the animated content. This helps them fare better in revision tests and exams, as the multimedia content aids better understand and longer retention of the concept,” says Priya K S, Senior Biology Teacher

Evaluation of effect

One of the unique offerings of DigiClass is its effectiveness tracker, which allows the head of the institution to track the usage of the solution by teachers as well as monitor students progress.

Enhanced teaching- learning process
DigiClass allowed teachers to customise learning plans based on the pace of the learner. They could add, delete or modify information. Even with little or no internet access, the teachers could import new information, which was available online. Teachers were provided comprehensive training on the usage of DigiClass. Teacher Training programmes were conducted and to test their understanding, teachers would undergo an assessment, after which they received a certificate. With a shift from blackboards to whiteboards, teachers could save the diagrams, illustrations and writing and reuse them when required. The Effectiveness Trackerhelped track the usage of DigiClass by teachers so that we could help them identify problem areas. Teachers could also monitor the students’ progress.

Teacher’s training and experience
Pearson Education Services has worked closely teachers and management to order to curb their biggest fear; that of using technology. The teachers were trained thoroughly on the use of ICT in classrooms and they have ensured that ICT has now become embedded across all grades in the whole school. As a helping hand, a resource person has been deployed at the school to provide all assistance to teachers in using this technology.
Teachers are assessed at two stages after the initial training process, through:
First Assessment Teachers are eligible to take this assessment immediately after the completion of the Teacher Training Programme. This would be a basic assessment to check teachers’ knowledge on computer and the Digi- Class solution.
Second Assessment Teachers would be eligible to take this assessment only after using the DigiClass solution for one year. This assessment is aimed at checking the teachers on their advanced knowledge of the solution. This would give us a fair idea on how much the teachers have explored the solution and also if they have upgraded their skills within the one year of using the solution. This would be considered the Final Assessment for a teacher.
Teachers can take these assessments on the Internet from anywhere through the link provided by us. The teachers who pass the assessments would be awarded with a Pearson Education Services Certificate.

Expectations from Future
Introduction of tablets in classroom learning presents itself as an incredible platform to further unlock the benefits of adopting ICT in the education space. Tablets, with their intuitive interface and apps can aid learning to a great extent.

Shifting towards a Learner-Centric Module
Srikanth Iyer,
Pearson Education Services
Talks about how Pearson classrooms are facilitating blended learning in schools with their digital classroom solutions

What does Pearson offers under its smart classroom solutions?
DigiClass is our comprehensive solution for all the ICT needs of a school. It applies the finest synergy of technology and education by seamlessly integrating traditional chalk-and-talk method of teaching and enabling the teachers to use the digital resources such as Educational Animations, Videos, Diagrams and 3D Graphics with audio. It makes the classroom session interactive by providing the students a multi-sensory learning experience, which in turn enhances their academic performance. This solution is designed to adapt to any classroom setting. It also empowers teachers to customise their teaching sessions, keeping the learners’ pace in mind.
DigiClass comes with: CPU, interactive device projector, DigitALly, which is a patented award winning teaching tool, syllabi specific course content, UPS, server, speakers and white board.
We offer it either in BOOT model or Outright Purchased Model. A resource coordinator sets up and maintains the solution in school and also trains the teacher in its usage.

Please shed light on new innovations on which institutions can bet on.
ICT in education has seen a major development in the recent past, the most pivotal being the introduction of a tablets which lead to enhanced dissemination of information, classroom engagement and also increased the accessibility of technology. Tablets hold some major advantages and have the potential to simplify ICT provisions within the school by lending itself better to use of technology in learning. This means that the current ICT scenario will witness a shift from teacher-centric module to a learner-centric module. All these translate to measurable learning outcomes through a portable and truly versatile learning tool.

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