Cyberfort Technologies Offers Skill-based Employable Courses

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Amit Kumar,
President, Cyberfort Technologies

Cyberfort Technologies is a Boutique Training and Consulting Firm specialising in Information Security and financial technology. Cyberfort technologies was inaugurated in World Education Summit held in Le-Meridian, New Delhi,2013 (, in the presence of eminent laureates and educationist from across the world. CYBERFORT Technologies is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certified and is an accredited member of IADL, UK and US DLA. Cyberfort Technologies provides niche and hi-tech certification courseware globally via virtual and instructor – led teaching modules. Cyberfort Technologies has strategic alliances with Mahatma Gandhi University, India (UGCAICTE- DEC approved) and EC-Council (world’s largest certification body for Cyber security professionals) for imparting high quality graduate/postgraduate and professional certifications in Information and financial technology.
Information security is a stable and growing profession – Information security professionals are very stable in their employment; more than 80 percent had no change in employer or employment in the past year, and the number of professionals is projected to continuously grow more than 11 percent annually over the next five years.
Certification of knowledge drives salaries higher – the salary gap between certified cyber security professionals and non-certified professionals is widening. Information security professionals in US have average salaries of USD 80,000. In India, a beginner can expect a pay package of up to `6 lakh per annum. Professionals with higher academic qualifications and work experience can draw up to ` 30 lakhs. Salaries are at least 20-30 percent higher than for most other positions at the same level in other fields of IT. Typically, salaries get doubled within two years due to huge demand of skilled manpower in this sector.
Even with past annual growth in the double-digits, workforce shortage persists. The impact of shortage is the greatest on the existing workforce. India alone needs at least five lakh cyber security professionals by the year 2015.

Career in Algo-Trading
Algorithmic trading can be defined as placing a buy or sell order of a defined quantity into a quantitative model that automatically generates the timing of orders and the size of orders based on goals specified by the parameters and constraints of the algorithm. The rules built into the model attempt to determine the optimal time for an order to be placed that will cause the least amount of impact on the price of the financial instrument. Algo trading is a way to codify a trader’s execution strategy. Algo trading or computer-directed trading cuts down transaction costs and allows fund managers to take control of their own trading processes.
Algo trading is an automated facility where trading is carried out by computer driven algorithms designed by traders. Instead of the traders manually doing so, it is these algorithms that determine which orders – to buy or to sell – get booked. The high speed transactions can take as little as 18 microseconds – at which such trading takes place, gives it a competitive advantage over conventional manual trading. While a single trader can manually handle at best a portfolio of around `5 crore, an algo trader, working alone, can cope with `50 crore to `55 crore.
Algo trading started in India in 2005. But it was only in 2008, after the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) allowed Direct Market Access, or electronic interaction with the order books of exchanges, that this facility started gaining wide acceptance. Today, around 16 to 17 percent of trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange is algorithmic, with about 80 to 90 companies engaged in it. But many believe that in the next three to four years, the proportion could rise to 60 to 70 percent.


• CYBERFORT TechnoLab’s programme textbooks and workbooks have been developed by experienced industry professionals to provide insight into the real-life ICT industry. Textbooks have been designed to provide theoretical and practical learning to the learner

• Each book starts by defining the learning objectives and providing sufficient reading material to ensure these objectives are met. Textbooks supplement the workbooks used by learners during classroom learning sessions

• Course material is simplified to ensure that learners with different learning capacities benefit equally from the content. Relevant examples help explain concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Graphs, pictures and statistics are used extensively to illustrate the rationale for every concept explained

• The combination of instructor-led training + self-study courses and group exercises ensures that learners are elevated to a mindset of a professional

Courses at a glance

• MBA in Cyber Security
• MBA in Investment Banking
• BCA in Cyber Security
• BBA in Investment Banking
• Diploma in Cyber Security
• Diploma in Algo Trading
• Certificate in Cyber Security
• Certificate in Professional Trading

TechnoLab learning centers The Cyberfort TechnoLab learning centers across India are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to facilitate learning. Our industry experts use advanced learning tools to demonstrate real-time trends in advanced ICT to learners. Additionally, all learning centers are managed by dedicated managers who ensure that every need of the learner is met. They aim to create a collaborative learning environment that encourages knowledge creation and absorption. The learning centers provide the perfect blend of content and infrastructure thus enabling the learner to flourish.

Scope of the programme
A tremendous scope is available. Information security is one of the booming industries at the moment. Technologies offered at Cyberfort technologies are in high demand like Information Security & financial technology, Application Programming, Networking and Communication.
Our job-oriented diploma programs increase one’s chances in various domain specific areas, whereas the MBA program in cyber security and Investment Banking respectively gives an edge to enter directly in the mid level position of the industry domain.

Advantage of niche technology course
The entry-level salary is at least 20 percent higher as compared to other areas and the growth within the industry is much faster. Typically, the salary would get doubled within two years itself as there is a huge demand of skilled manpower in this sector.
Cyberfort technologies deliver innovative, leading-edge products, solutions, and services to customers worldwide. We are dedicated to advancing the discipline of cyber security through imagination, technical excellence, and unparalleled passion for our work.


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