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Green Campus Initiative by HEI/University

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Green Practices in Periyar Maniammai University

Organisation: Periyar Maniammai University
Objective: Green practices in the University towards zero carbon by 2025. Replicating the models in nearby 67 adopted villages under Periyar PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) project.
Description: The University is involved in many green campus practices like renewable and alternative energy, alternative building materials, rainwater harvesting, LED lights, etc, for achieving green campus since its inception.
• Energy Efficiency: 500 m3 capacity biomethanation plant for generating power of 60kW/h per month
• Use of alternate building material saved 36,337 tonnes of wood & 746,980 cft of fertile top soil
• Rain water harvesting and waste water recycling is practiced since 1995
• Green agricultural practices-bamboo garden sequesters 240 tonnes of CO2 & produces 80 tonnes of O2 

To Create an Eco-friendly, Energy Efficient, Pollution-free Campus

Organisation: Central University of Jharkhand
Objective: To create an eco-friendly energy-efficient and pollution-free, green campus.
Description: To develop an eco-friendly,energy- efficient, pollution-free, green university campus including classrooms, laboratories, hostels and quarters within a mango orchard with Saal Tree plantation over 50 years or older.
Saving time to build the full-fledged functional university campus
Saving of cost in construction and campus infrastructure
Notional rental saved and material surplus assets created
Saving on energy bills
Saving on transport costs with largely residential campus

Green Campus

Organisation: Siddaganga Institute of Technology
Objective: Quick School has the objective to enable schools to manage information spanning all functional requirements and addresses the needs of all stakeholders within the school domain.
Description: NIIT Nguru Quick School (QS) is an integrated and comprehensive Education Resource Planning software developed specifically for schools. The software is designed to be easy-to-use and developed keeping in mind the  requirements of the school management in maintaining proper control over the functioning of the school, take better
informed decisions and enhance the image of the institution.
• 350+ satisfied customers using this application
• Robust technical and security architecture based on 4-tier architecture
• 24 modules that can be selected by a school to initiate automation in a school
• 25,000 + students and parents enabled on Cloud-based model 5. Reports can be generated
in line with CBSE – CCE formats

e-Suvidha (Digital University)

Write for Us

Organisation: Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada
Implementing Agency: Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation
Ltd (MKCL)
Website: ;
Objective: Online management of complete student lifecycle
right from admissions to convocation.
Description: The BAMUA Digital University Framework is a fully web-based software framework to manage student
lifecycle in universities and colleges. This framework offers direct facilitation services to universities, its affiliated colleges and their students at very fast, affordable, high quality and with mass personalisation and configurability.
• Messaging system
• e-File management track system
• Distributed assessment marks entry system
• All UG results declared within 15 days after examination
• All information of students in one click with single PRN

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