Ansal University Announces New Specialisation Programme

Ansal University, Gurgaon has announced specialisation programme and six-month industrial training for students pursuing bachelor degree from School of Engineering and Technology (SET). Ansal University is the first university in the country to two specialisations per stream of engineering to their students and six months professional training based on specialisation.

Dr Alok K Kushwaha, Professor & Associate Dean, School of Engineering & Technology, Ansal University said, “Engineering is about designing processes and making products to solve real-world problems. The focus of School of Engineering & Technology is to educate and train the young engineering fledglings and transform them into skilled individuals who are more responsive to the requirements of modern industry. The specialization that we offer shall enable the students to develop their engineering knowledge, skills, imagination and experience to the highest levels in readiness for their future career and the six month training period gives students the opportunity to become technically sound, to clarify all the doubts, grasp technical know-how and gain technical expertise.”

Students can opt for specialisation in the beginning of the third year and students will get six month industrial training as per specialisation in the last semester of engineering programme. The objective of specialisation programme is to clear the fundamental concepts of the general branches of engineering and specialize in a particular area to encounter problems after attaining the degree. The industrial training programme is designed to help students experience the real world problems, hands-on implementation of technical knowledge and capability to undertake deep analysis while approaching a problem which in-turn enables the students to get a good job in the fiercely competitive market.