Haryana’s Governor Appreciates MRCE Students’ innovations at the IITF

Engineering students from Manav Rachna College of Engineering (MRCE) and Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET), Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) once again bagged an opportunity to showcase their selective unique innovations at the Haryana Pavilion-India International Trade Fair (IITF) inaugurated today in the capital city. Shri Jagannath Pahadia, the Governor of Haryana, on visiting the MRIU’s stall, congratulated them and appreciated their innovative concepts.

The students are displaying some of their most innovative project that have won laurels nationally and internationally namely, Driver Fitness Tester, Smart Skull Device, Pick n Place Robot, Tractrobot and The Blind Man’s Stick. These models are designed keeping in mind human interest and will be of help to the general public in some way or the other. On the accomplishment, Prashant Bhalla, Chancellor-MRIU, said “It is indeed a moment of pride for us to be a part of the International Trade Fair. This is the second time that we have been chosen by the Haryana Government to be a part of their pavilion and showcase the contribution that we intend to make towards society”. “A platform of this stature to showcase talent motivates students to do better each time they target something”, adds Bhalla.

The model ‘Blind Man’s Stick’ being the limelight of the pavilion has been specially devised for the visually impaired. It is fitted with a sound alarm, a voice navigator and an emergency SMS service. It is powered by GPS through smart phone. In fact, it can integrate with smart phone to provide voice based navigation for predetermined locations. The user can program the stick for various locations with its inbuilt Braille signals. On display at the stall was also a ‘Smart Bin’ which produces social messages when trash is thrown inside and encourages people to put all the garbage in the dustbin rather than on the floor. Another functional item was the ‘Pills Box’ designed to help patients take the right dose of medicine at the right time through audio visual reminders. The Pills Box is USB & Bluetooth Compatible and its scheduling can be done using Smartphone Application or PC.

‘Driver Fitness Tester’ is another innovation that caters to the much needed concentration on averting road accidents. The device assesses the driver’s ability to drive through the following, heartbeat pulse rate sensor, alcohol detector sensor, weight sensor and seatbelt sensor. If any of the tests result for the above shows positive, the car would not start. The installation of the device in the car is very economical, convenient and no huge alteration in the design of the car is required. The device’s usage is not only restricted for cars, it can also be alternately installed in buses, trucks, bikes/scooters and even in offices to keep a check on the employees. At the stall, ‘Pick n Place’ robot also garnered much attention What set the Pick ‘N’ Place robot apart was the fact that its arm could move 180 degree in both vertical and horizontal axis with a capacity to lift 500 gms of weight. It could perform autonomous operations like delivering documents and serving drinks.

‘Smart Skull’ is a life saving ‘in-helmet’ device for motor bikers and has a crash detection system which is paired with the rider’s smart phone. In emergence of an accident or crash, the device gets activated and through the smart phone can automatically make a call to the victim’s family/relatives and thus can inform them about the mishap. The ultra-light weight device consumes minimum power of about 3.3 volt and is equipped for an impact detection of up to 200 gm force. The device would help in decreasing the mortality rate and neurological disabilities relating to traumatic brain injury from road accidents as a result of inadequate safety protocol. The application has bluetooth connectivity, cloud connectivity, GPS interaction, sensor device communication, past history availability and user authentication too.