850 IIT B students placed in the first phase

The first phase of placement at Indian Institute of Bombay (IIT B) will complete on December 20. Around 55% of students have already been placed. 245 companies visited the campus in the first phase of placements. The second phase will begin in the second week of January 2014. Till now, 873 students have been placed with unique offers and this number is only expected rise in the second phase of placements at the campus. Most of the computer science students have secured placements in the first phase.
Last year, around 850 candidates were placed at the end of the second phase of placements.  The batch strength then was 1,350 with 230 companies visiting campus for placements then. This year Oracle made the highest offer in the first phase followed by Samsung US/Korea , which picked around 14 students from IIT B. It is possible that same companies might visit the campus again in the second phase to pick more students. Some public sector units are also expected to visit the campus in the second phase.