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Subramanian Narayanasamy (Right) being awarded by Krishnakumar Natarajan, CEO,Mindtree with Regional award (South) 2013 in the ITES vertical by ET Now

Solutions should not only be unique but also useful for the customer. It should be the right solution for the existing problem and the customer should feel happy and be benefited by that solution says Subramanian Narayanasamy, Managing Director at TRS Forms and Services (P) Ltd in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

How do you feel about getting the ET Now award?
Great, elated, thrilled. In our 15 years of existence this is the first recognized award. There were more than 1 lakh nominations this year for the 14 verticals. We come under the ITES vertical. The team of juries who did the final selection are Jambavans in the industry. The fact the selection was done in 3 rounds and finally selected after the jury round gives a pride in winning this award. I personally consider this as recognition for our innovative products and solutions offered to our customers. This encourages us to work more and more on innovative solutions.

How do you define TRS?
TRS is a specialist in automated data capturing and document security.

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You have mentioned that TRS is a specialist in data capturing and document security. Are they two different areas of specialization?
Yes. First one is related to capturing data from different sources using automated technology process. This will be very useful in high volume data capture. Secoone is securing any document using our security mark. This means we do not give importance to the physical document but concentrate on securing the variable data and make it tamper proof. The document may be issued as physical document or electronic document. In both cases our security mark can be used to secure the total document.

Please explain on your successful key products that have brought you this award.
First is our Automatic Dummy Numbering System which I can say is the game changer for TRS. This is mainly for the subjective exam answer sheets to remove the identity of the student by allocating an alternate number. Every Indian university follows this procedure manually. Now our automatic process includes numbering, scanning, and result preparation. We also sell this solution as product. Second and the recent one is eSekure which is basically for document security and verification. This product is for all verticals like education, corporate, government etc.


1. “When we are with TRS we feel we are in safe hands” – TRB Chennai
2. “If the requirement is customised technology based solution then it is possible only by TRS” – Professional Institute

3. “For an exam process to be fair, fast and accurate we need the help of technology. In our case we have TRS who is offering technology based solutions and we have processed 5 million answer booklets in record time and the results are out” – Ex Vice Chancellor of Kanpur university.

4.“After introducing TRS solution we are able to publish the results in 25 days which usually takes 6 months and also with discrepancy” – Ex Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University.

What is your geographical spread for these products?
We have customers pan-India and currently we are concentrating in the Indian Market. However, with our on-line products including eSekure and On Screen Marking (OSM) we are looking for offshore market as well. Requirement for products like eSekure is global and we are confident of making it a success in those markets as well.

Can you name some of your key clients for these products?
Institute of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Company Secretaries, Institute of Cost Accounts, Bangalore University, JIPMER, Sri Venkateswara University to name a few.

Can you mention a few Indicators of success in your business?
We feel that we are succeeding when :
• Our services result in faster and accurate declaration of exam results, especially when the numbers of candidates are increasing exponentially.
• A leading professional body in the country does a national level search and finds that we are the only company who is providing such unique service.
• Reputation of our customers is protected with our products and the same has been acknowledged positively through repeat orders.

What are your plans to sustain the growth levels of your business?
To sustain the growth levels in our business we plan to diversify market, diversify geography and increase market penetration.

What do you think are the unique aspects of your innovative solutions?
The unique aspects are:
• Automatic Dummy numbering scanner is a 3 in 1 scanner where numbering, scanning and data capturing take place simultaneously. This has the feature of printing randomly generated numbers or predefined numbers which are student specific. This scanner is designed and developed by TRS and the same has been registered for patent.
• eSekure mark holds the variable data in any document in an encrypted format which makes it 100% tamper proof. Verification of eSekure is simple and secure. It does not access any database or servers of the clients. Hence eSekure is impossible to counterfeit, but easy to verify.

“Currently we are concentrating in the Indian Market. With our on-line products including eSekure and On Screen Marking we are looking for off-shore market as well”

What is the impact that your innovative solutions have had on the main stakeholders?
The main stakeholders in our business can be listed as universities, student community and team TRS. For the universities our solutions help in bringing out accurate results on time even though the volume is increasing. eSekure helps in securing their mark sheets and certificates. This not only gives credibility to the institution but also protects their reputation. For the student community getting the accurate results on time is a big relief. Helps them to apply for higher studies or work without any delay. eSekure sees to it that non-deserving candidate does not take away the opportunity by using a tampered document. Such innovations help TRS to employ around 150 plus employees in 3 offices and provide them a good working environment and create prosperity.

What do you think is the reason for your success story?
For me the reason for success cannot be different for different business. I personally believe in 3 Us – Unique, Useful and United. I always see to that our solutions are unique. I always like to be easily identified in a crowd. Solutions should not only be unique but also useful for the customer. It should be the right solution for the existing problem and the customer should feel happy and be benefited by that solution. Finally achieving success is always a team work. So be united with your team and take them along with you. If our vision for the future includes these three Us then success is guaranteedc

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