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At the Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL), Pune, the desideratum is crystal clear–offering students the best education. But in a fast-changing world, this means keeping pace with constant technological changes. The aim of the institute is to produce cutting edge professionals using teaching methodologies that could transform a college student into a valuable industry asset, and WizIQ was a natural choice for them.

 The Challenge In their quest to provide the students with best possible education, SCDL found itself on the horns of a dilemma. They wanted their distance learners to be as accomplished as regular students. It was a tall order, till WizIQ entered into the picture.

“Initiative to use WizIQ is an attempt towards bridging the distance between the teachers and the taught.” Swati Mujumdar, Director, SCDL

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 WizIQ answered their pressing issues with rich features such as a user friendly interface, easy integration with SCDL’s learning management system, high performance content library and real-time virtual classroom technology. WizIQ’s smart technology bridged the geographical gap between professors and students from remote areas as well as foreign countries. To top it all, the students did not settle for second best. They got the ambience, facilities, access and feel of a real time classroom. With WizIQ integrating its resources with SCDL’s learning management system, classes proceeded like they would in the physical presence of teachers  and students. Even class discussions and clarification of doubts happened in a split second, with ease.

The modus operandi
SCDL’s distance learning students were able to see faculty members and hear the lectures using WizIQ virtual classroom. What’s more, they could get the teacher’s attention whenever they were in doubt by simply ‘raising their hand’ – just as in a regular classroom. For the distance education students, this meant a revolutionary change in their approach to education. It gave them competitive advantage without forcing them to relocate

The achievement
SCDL started using the WizIQ platform on July 24, 2010, much to the delight of students, who took to the classes instantly. They had 250 classes of 75 minutes duration each in the first seven months, with a whooping 4,500 students attending them.-

WizIQ’s success at SCDL is not a simple case of good sales pitch or advertising. It is the result of WizIQ’s innate understanding of students’ needs. Students used this platform to stay in touch with teachers, get their queries answered like a regular student, attend and follow sessions easily and even create a databank for future use. Features like chat, virtual hand raising and recordings for revision or for those who missed the class ensured that WizIQ created instant rapport with teachers and students alike. Another important factor for the popularity of the educational platform is the minimal investment or set up needed. The students only need an internet-connected computer for the sessions.

The Future
The way the world is evolving, constraints are irrelevant. Learning should be universal and those disseminating education need to be sensitive to the needs of students who will have to deal with cutthroat competition as soon as they foray into professional life. Things are not easy but WizIQ makes them less difficult. No matter where students are, what their background and aspirations may be, WizIQ gives them an opportunity to realize their dreams. Integrating classroom and online teaching is not only advisable but inevitable. It is how students in the future will be taught. At WizIQ, the needs of tomorrow are gauged today to make the tomorrow better. It is all about reaching out and WizIQ knows how to do just that. For queries, suggestions, feedback or ideas to share, feel free to drop a mail to Kalyan Sarkar, Director, Academic Liaisons,, at or call +91-9216405405 or +91- 9897072888.

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