Decision to move legacy of Mysore school leads to verbal clash

Karnataka government’s decision to hand over the New Type Model School to the Ramakrishna Ashram, led to a serious verbal clash between two groups that was later pacified only after the police intervention. The school, founded during the reign of Mysore maharajas, enrolls under-privileged girl students. The decision to transfer the school’s responsibilities to the Ashram was first made by the earlier ruling party, BJP. After the change in authority in Karnataka, the chief minister and other party members have also ordered to hand over the school to the Ashram. The group opposing this decision has been protesting the move for seven days now.

D Madegowda, leader, MLC and Congress stated that the government’s decision will stand firm. This statement further aggravated the opposition group. In order to restore peace, police officers had to push away both the groups. Samata Mahila Vedile feels that the decision to handover the school is a disservice to girl students. From the opposing side Kannada Kriya Samiti activists have threatened to besiege the DDPI office in case the faculty fails to commence school admissions.