August 2014

Minority Education – Let’s Walk the Talk :: August 2014

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A Long Way to Go



Changing the Face of Higher Education

‘Regulation Beyond a Point is Counter- Productive’

Flexi-learning at Open School

‘Current Challenges are Accessibility, Quality and Equality’


Blend your courses with WIZIQ


Let’s Walk the Talk

Breaking Taboos on Girls’ Education

A Destination for Care and Excellence

A Foundation for the Future

Accelerating the Nation-Building Process

Catalysts of Socio-Economic Transformation

‘Need Better Representation in Decision-Making Bodies’

Marching Towards Progress with Education

A Quality Educational Destination

An Institution with a Mission

Charting New Horizons

Managing Intellectual Needs

The Good Samaritan

Against All Odds

Overcoming Challenges for an Educated World

A Role Model

Inspiration to ‘Be the Change’

Investing in the Community’s Youth

Educate, Enrich, Empower

Education for Equality

The Oxford Square: A Western Educational Institution for Slum Dwellers

Rekindling Hopes and Lives

Taking the Leap Towards Growth

Reconstructing a New World with Education

Conquering Female Illiteracy

Challenging Educational and Social Backwardness

A Giant Leap Forward

Igniting a Movement

Creating Future Ready Individuals


Role of Technology in Learning



Vocational Education and Skill Development in India



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