‘Document security a global issue’

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The problem of document security is global and not limited to India alone. Our approach, however, is completely skewed and current solutions are nowhere close to solving the problem, says Subramanian Narayanaswamy, Managing Director of TRS Forms and Services, in an interaction with ENN

Subramanian NarayanaswamyTRS has been projected as an innovative technology-based solution provider in the education vertical. How do you view it?
TRS is among the pioneers in technology solution providers in the education space in India. TRS works as an end-toend solution provider in data scanning, imaging and software solutions. We stand apart from other players because of our advanced and innovative technology solutions. Currently, TRS is a leading ITES provider that focusses on data-centric technology solutions for the education and government sector.

TRS is strongly focussed on research, innovation, developing and providing technology solutions rather than selling products. TRS has a strong resident IP with a completely indigenously developed multifarious product portfolio.

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You say that TRS products and solutions are unique and innovative and that is the reason for your success so far. Can you substantiate this statement?
I am very passionate about technology and that is the reason for having an R&D division in TRS. I can proudly say that TRS is the only SME in India in this vertical to have a full-fledged R&D division which even big corporates do not have. Roughly, around 10 per cent of our turnover is being spent on R&D and that is paying dividends now. This has led to the introduction of automated solutions in the examination process. Today, we are proud to say that such a process is being widely used by the universities and education boards all over India. Some outstanding products which are the result of our R&D are FireEye (Automatic Dummy Numbering), eSekure (Ultimate Document Security), eMarquer (On Screen Marking), eXtractpro (OMR Software) and TRS Smart Scanner (OMR Hybrid Scanner).

“When a person with a good aptitude for work has full belief in his leader, only then will he perform. It becomes easy for the leader to guide him properly and extract the best out of him.”

Which of your products would you prefer to choose and why?
Undoubtedly my choice would be eSekure. This is a global product. The best part is that this solution is not restricted to any particular vertical. In my view, eSekure is a simple but powerful solution combined with lesser cost. That makes this product a customers’ delight since they spend less but get more than what they want. It does not require any investment at all from the customer’s side. It makes any document 100 per cent secure, tamper-proof and also provides instantaneous verification possible even on mobile. Introducing eSekure on certificates and transcripts will add credibility to the university/institution.

What in your opinion makes eSekure an outstanding product?
The logic that has been used to devise this solution is unique and has not been tried by anybody so far. At first glance, some people write it off as any other QR Code product. Some even claim that they have already introduced this process on their certificates. Once they understand the eSekure process, then they accept the uniqueness of this solution. There are alternative methods like eTranscript or Central Repository or QR Code which has been tried world over. eSekure is the only solution which is simple, powerful and most importantly, cost effective. We have successfully implemented the same in a few prestigious universities in India. Tell us about your other products Fire- Eye and eMarquer

FireEye, the flagship product of TRS was introduced in 2011. This is the product which brought TRS into the lime light amongst the Universities and School Boards. This is the product which made everybody to accept that only TRS can provide innovative and unique technology based solutions. FireEye, again an outcome of TRS R&D, has been registered for patent. FireEye is used for automatic dummy numbering on answer booklet and data capturing. This has brought an end to the manual numbering and data entry along with the related serious manual errors. Now the process has become fast and accurate. With the results coming on time without any issue, the student community will have more faith on the university/ institution and on the examination process as a whole.

eMarquer is the On Screen Marking (OSM) software for the essay type of examinations. Again, TRS has been the first Indian company to come out with this solution. This process involves digitisation of the answer booklets and makes the images available for valuation online or in the Lan network for the valuators to work on the screen. TRS has introduced digitisation process both with cutting and without cutting of the answer booklet. The process as such has many advantages compared to the manual evaluation. This solution is still in the infant stage and a few universities and school boards have tried so far.

What is your business vision and how are you charting the plans to achieve it?
I always believe that there is no shortcut or substitute for hard work. If you are one among the crowd, then you have no sense of achievement and spend most of the time fighting for your share in the market. I do not like to compete but always interested in creating competition. This is possible only if we have a unique product or solution which is required by the customer. By doing this, we have the early bird advantage. Since I am involved in continuous R&D, I always try to be one step ahead of others. My vision is always to put my footprint on whatever I do. Always try to be unique and not compromise on quality.

How do you approach leadership?
A leader should be a person who has good domain knowledge and wants to really lead his team. He must be good in communication. He must not differentiate or be biased with the subordinates. I believe in giving responsibility with accountability to my subordinates. I will give moral support and also guide them whenever they require my help. Give them good training on their job before giving the responsibility. Constantly update them on the current technology and encourage them to use the latest technology and improve their skill and productivity. When a person with a good aptitude for work has full belief in his leader, only then will he perform. It becomes easy for the leader to guide him properly and extract the best out of him.

How do you maintain the balance between your personal and business life?
In the initial days, it was difficult to balance personal life and business life. I had to sacrifice lot of things in the personal life for the sake of achieving big in business. In the past 4 to 5 years, I have created and trained a second line of managers who now take care of day to day activities of the business and allow me to concentrate on my favourite R&D. Hence, now I am able to share my time judiciously between personal and business. In situations where both clashed, I decide based on the situation and priority.

What qualities do you think are important to make a successful entrepreneur?
Any work you do, do it with joy and enthusiasm. Grab any opportunity that comes across. Prepare well and give 200 per cent to execute the job well. Success will automatically come.

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