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Joy Ghosh,
Joy Ghosh,

Joy Ghosh,
VP – India Operations, Edaxis

The multimedia classrooms have barely made any inroad into the government schools. The state governments are now waking up to adoption of IT in the schools. Joy Ghosh, VP – India Operations, Edaxis, shares his experience with Elets News Network.

What do you think are the factors driving the market of projectors in India? How good is the scope for its growth in the education sector?

Edaxis ventured in to projector market in the year 2010, with BoxLight Interactive Projectors in India. At that time it was a new concept but today a number of brands jumped in to the interactive field. Still, BoxLight manages to hold position as market leader in this segment. The core strength lies in innovation and introduction of new enhanced features in every series. For instance, BoxLight introduced the world’s smallest and lightest entry level interactive projector with 3D ready feature only weighing 1.8kg.

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Edaxis has already launched a complete smart solution OnfingerTip AIO which is short throw, with inbuilt interactivity integrated computer and inbuilt data storage. Edaxis has planned to introduce low cost, low maintenance and high performance multimedia projectors, especially for the education segment, keeping in mind the primary schools.

How do you look at the emerging technologies in this field? What can be the areas of improvement?

The most widely used technologies are DLP and LCD. The LED based technology is also being recognized and accepted in India now thanks to mass imitation. There is an old anecdote. Once a gentleman from a renowned organization (In presence of representative of various projector brands including LED) said it was his biggest mistake to buy LED projector because he could not even see the picture in moonlight. He further commented that he had to wait for Amavasya or New Moon Day to use it. BoxLight has introduced this year a wide range of interactive products based LCD technology which are easy to operate, technology wise ahead of any other available product in India market. This year will witness wide acceptance for All-in-One projector too again is based on DLP technology. The DLP and LCD will continue to remain favourites of all kinds of people in the coming years too.

What are the opportunities and challenges faced by the projectors?

The projector market will be stagnant, if it does not change. So, the projector industry like any other industry is embracing the changes. The large scale production of projector, we see today, is not an overnight miracle. It is the result of continuous change over decades. In present scenario, given the competition in the market, the demand for projectors is increasing day by day and this will be a constant process for years to come.

Before 2007, the Interactive Projector was not even in the imagination of this Industry Wizards. Then BoxLight introduced for the first time Projectowrite, the world’s first Interactive projector.

Now projectors with LAN, wireless connection between PC and projector, Light weight projectors (BoxLight entry level Interactive projector is only 1.8 kg), 3D technology and even the projectors with built in wireless interactivity (BoxLight) are available today in Indian market.

What distinguishes you from the competitors?

The ultimate goal of ours as OEM is to reduce cost of operations in order to introduce cost effective item without compromising on quality and performance.

For instance, first ever BoxLight Interactive projector projectowrite2 was introduced in India by Edaxis way back in Oct. 2010. Now, the latest series is Projectowrite6 with wireless interactivity and wireless connection between PC and projector, practically a no wire solution giving more space and peace of mind to user while operations.

Edaxis as an innovative research and development company works on new ideas, which can make remarkable changes in our professional lives. Edaxis has introduced a user friendly Finger touch interactive board, pen touch interactive board compatible with any projector.

Please share new innovative tools for the projectors that are available with you for a more effective studentteacher engagement.

The latest in the line is a new All-In-one Projector by name OnfingerTip All In One ICT Computer. It has in built computer along with interactive function. This is a complete solution. Now, no need to install a number of hardware and a net of wiring all over. Only a single cable will do the magic.

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