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Raj Mruthyunjayappa,
Raj Mruthyunjayappa,

Raj Mruthyunjayappa,
Managing Director, APAC and EMEA,

Nowadays, every other institution is tending to be technology oriented. Raj Mruthyunjayappa, Managing Director, APAC and EMEA, Talisma, tells Elets News Network (ENN) how in an internet driven society, his company is serving techincal aids to various institutions

Give us the genesis in brief about Campus Management?

Campus Management foresaw the converging needs of institutions serving traditional and non-traditional students in a global and increasingly Internetdriven society. The company’s vision is to ensure that its clients achieve rapid delivery of highly integrated administrative and academic systems that are easier to maintain over the long-term.

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Campus Management serves organizations across the higher education landscape—ranging from career colleges to public and private institutions, offering non-credit programs, professional degrees and certifications, or traditional 2/3 -year, 4-year, graduate and postdoctoral programs. The software, strategies and services which are delivered by Campus Management empower institutions of higher education to offer dynamic models of engagement & delivery. Over the past 25 years, Campus Management has supported higher education, both proprietary and traditional institutions, as well as foundations and other educational institutions.

The mission of Campus Management is to provide robust, elegant and cost-effective software systems. Worldwide, more than 1,300 higher education institutions in 35 countries run on its administrative systems. Hundreds of other non-profits, community service and health care organizations, and other businesses depend on Campus Management to manage their most missioncritical transactions, dynamic relationships, and the complexities of learning, finance, research, and regulation.

Which areas does Campus Management specialise in?

If we look at education specially, Campus Management is among the few endto- end technology platform providers operating on a global scale. We serve organizations across the higher education landscape—from universities, colleges to public and private institutions, offering non-credit programs, professional degrees and certifications, and traditional 2-year, 4-year, graduate and postdoctoral programs.

Campus Management has implemented hundreds of diverse colleges, universities, foundations, and fundraising organizations. In order to ensure access to consistent and dependable service levels, we have full array of professionals ready to fulfil the needs of clients, including support, administrative outsourcing, application hosting and Software as a Service (SaaS), systems integration, and training.

The hurdles faced by institutions on administration level are abundant and how does Campus Management counter these and provide solutions for the same?

Campus Management is working with major private and government institutions to provide products and solutions in the general area of student admissions, student services such as academics, hostel, library, labs, scheduling and services integrated with learning management systems and overall student information systems (SIS). We have also advanced and implemented solutions to cover the entire engagement eco system of universities, which includes Students, faculty, administration, vendors, alumni etc. This comprehensive system will enable universities and colleges to scale the operations in a very effective way.

Educational institutes have become more competitive. Students have more options of university or college they are going to. Thus, the institutions across the country are looking at tools like our technology to improve students’ experience, as technology brings in higher transparency, and improves governance and efficiency.

How does Campus Management provide an edge to institutions for the products and services offered by them?

Campus Management is the only leading enterprise systems provider in Higher Education that offers institutions all options for accessing the functionality, performance, and support. Our solutions are specially designed to provide institutions the flexibility required to adapt to the changing landscape around them in terms of student aspirations, industry requirements and competition among other areas.

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