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We have ranked 250+ engineering institutes in the country based on: Faculty Details, Fee Structure, Research Activities and Placements on a scale of AAA+ to A, with AAA+ being the highest rank on the scale. The government institutes have been ranked based on perception voting and the private institutes have been ranked based on analysis of available data. We have also listed promising institutes in some zones, which have the potential to be in the top league in the coming years.

Ranking Methodology

Public Institutes:We chose the best public institutes and Institutes of National Importance in a transparent and democratic manner through public voting.

We followed a two-step process:

Step 1: A list of Top 70 government-aided institutes(including IITs, NITs, IIITs and others) was prepared.

Step 2: We eliminated 20 institutes that received lowest number of votes, from the list of 70 shortlisted institutes.Based on the number of votes received by these institutes, we have declared the Top 50 Public Engineering Institutes.

The voting conducted on a popular social networking sites got an overwhelming response of17,584 unique votes. Among the voters, there were13,068 students and alumni; 1,845 teachers and academics; 1,369 people representing coaching centers and 1,302 undergraduates.

Private Institutes: To gather maximum available information about any institute and ensure its credibility, we followed a three-step approach:

Step 1: We analyzed the past three years’ rankings conducted by various organizations in the country. We filtered the list to eliminate colleges not ranked by any organization in their previous rankings. Further, those institutes which featured only once in any of these rankings were also eliminated.

Step 2: We visited the official websites of 3,000+ institutes and private universities to get information such as Infrastructure, Placement, Teaching Pedagogy, Faculty,Foreign Collaborations and Research Activities. For AICTE affiliated institutes, we got most of the information from the mandatory disclosures in their official website. However, the challenge was that most institutes did not have the updated disclosure on their website.

We also studied the student reviews in some of the education portals to get a better understanding about the institutions we have ranked.

Step 3: We also asked engineering institutions across the country to send us filled questionnaire in a given format.

Only 215 institutes reverted with Filled questionnaire in the given deadline.Simultaneously, we were able to gather complete information of 1,860 colleges, out of the list of3,000+ colleges that we had targeted.

The ranking team was led by Amit Kumar Pundhir and data support was provided by digitalLEARNING Information Management Team.

StateMadhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh24
CategoriesGovernment Institutes3
Private Institutes10
Promising Institutes11
State Cluster 1Assam, Bihar, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand12
CategoriesGovernment Institutes6
Private Institutes3
Promising Institutes3
State Cluster 2Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh & West Bengal16
CategoriesGovernment Institutes6
Private Institutes3
Promising Institutes3
State Cluster 1Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand7
CategoriesGovernment Institutes3
Private Institutes4
State Cluster 2Punjab and Haryana28
CategoriesGovernment Institutes5
Private Institutes8
Promising Institutes15
State Cluster 3New Delhi8
CategoriesGovernment Institutes4
Private Institutes4
State Cluster 3Uttar Pradesh17
CategoriesGovernment Institutes5
Private Institutes12
Promising Institutes
State Cluster 1Kerala and Tamil Nadu40
CategoriesGovernment Institutes8
Private Institutes25
Promising Institutes27
State Cluster 2Karnataka32
CategoriesGovernment Institutes1
Private Institutes28
Promising Institutes3
State Cluster 3Andhra Pradesh and Telangana27
CategoriesGovernment Institutes4
Private Institutes14
Promising Institutes19
State Cluster 2Karnataka32
CategoriesGovernment Institutes6
Private Institutes24
Promising Institutes6
State Cluster 2Rajasthan16
CategoriesPrivate Institutes5
Promising Institutes11


Total Number of Ranked Institutes- 250+


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