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Nurturing Creative Minds

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With a keen focus on holistic education ARK Infosolutions has designed MindBox- an education programme, to develop and expand the creative and life skills of students along with making subjects easy and interesting for them. Nehal Joshi, Curriculum Head, ARK Infosolutions talks to Elets News Network (ENN) about the concept behind Mindbox and how the programme is helping students to enhance their creative sensibilities in the field of robotics, 3D animation, game development and digital painting.


Could you share some insights on MindBox Education programme designed for K-12 level?

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The concept of Mindbox started from a philosophy we believe in that every student has a different mind, different way of doing work and different way of understanding the subject. Some might be good at academics while others at sports, so there is diversity. Hence we feel that visual language is the medium to connect to different minds and also the strongest means of communication.

We see as a gap among students as they are being given information through various texts. There is an input and no output. Is he able to communicate in same language? Not necessary,and that’s the gap we bridge in. We teach them thinking as a subject and visual communication as a language. Our initiative gives 360 degree solutions in the area of creativity for K-12 level. The programme offers courses in Robotics,3D animation, game development, digital painting, digital photography, digital videography, computer aided design,and digital illustrations.

How does this programme work?Does the programme differ at different level of classes as it caters from classes I to XII?

The programme is divided into grade wise pattern right from first grade till 12th grade. We mapped different programmes for students, which has been designed based on thinking as a subject and visual communication asa language. At MindBox we are giving them the direction, teaching them how to think through various creative subjects. The curriculum promotes interactive learning and help them in engaging through hands on, project based learning.



We conduct programmes on animation,graphic etc. and teach them how to think of an idea, visualise that idea and how to put them in reality. This helps them in understanding the subject and develops the interest with a logical explanation. Through this endeavour we are helping the schools to make their children future ready.

How does the programme helps in realising their full potential?

 We help them develop their thinking,reach their full potential through our creative programmes designed keeping in mind the course and interest of the students. We prepare them for futurecreative opportunities and help them understand the nitty-gritty of the subject to develop a model on the same.The instructors at MindBox help each student on how particular industry works and through the technological tools how you can add value to the subject.



What is the duration of the programme?

The programme runs for 30 weeks which happens once a week in school with a particular batch of students.

Is there any training the teacher has to go through to make children understand the concept?

We have our own trainer who teaches the students. We come with the industry expertise. We have a research and development department, managers, subject manager who develop the content.When we work with schools we map these programmes to a particular grade.We assign a trainer to the school who takes those classes whom is first trained in-house. We also have cloud based software through which each and every lesson that happens inside the school is given to the trainer and he goes and delivers that. We ensure that our lessons and content is being taught to the students.We also have assessment system to assess the performance of the student.

What is the criterion to assess the student?

We have an online assessment module which is similar to CCE. We assess the student not only on the project you give but we also do quiz, presentations,and have worksheets to be completed by them. There are three ways of assessment one the practical work they do, second the worksheets, third is the A STUDENT’S PROJECT CREATING A REPLICA OF DIGITAL WATCH trainer’s feedback of the student.


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