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Bonding through Education

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Feilim McLaughlin Ambassador of Ireland to India

Feilim McLaughlin Ambassador of Ireland to India

Keen on creating third level links in post graduate research, Ireland is slowly becoming a home for Indian students to explore their area of interest at the local universities. In an exclusive chat with Feilim McLaughlin, Ambassador of Ireland to India, Bhawna Satsangi of Elets New Network (ENN), finds out the opportunities that the country offers for Indian students.

Please throw light on India and Ireland education ties.

The number of schools in India has been developed by Irish people over 200 years and has Irish links all over India. But that’s a story of the 19 th century. We are trying to develop a new story of 21 st century, looking at more third-level links, particularly in post graduate research, and trying to make relationship with faculties in India.

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We have signed almost 45 MoUs with Indian institutes and the number is growing. We have around 1000 Indian students studying at the post graduate level in Ireland. The number has been doubled in last two years and we are hoping to increase more numbers in next two to three years. We are trying to encourage Irish students to come to India and take up post graduate courses. The primary area which is of interest to Indian students in looking at Ireland is the linkages we have between education and industry.

Ireland is home to thousands of the world’s largest multinationals working in Hi-tech sectors. We develop very strong links between education sector and business, so that in many cases, research and development done by businesses is actually done in collaboration with our universities which help students of the universities to hone their skills and get practical knowledge. They get the opportunity to work for blue chip companies. It is an experimental duty to bring them together to ensure that our education sector is industry relevant and provides best possible platforms for individual students when they leave university. They have skill and experience which is required by the industry. We find this as a great interest to Indian students.



University Scholarships Brief Post Graduate Programme Eligibility Last Date
Dublin City University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences scholarships Scholarships for Indian students joining the faculty in September 2015. A €1,000 scholarship will be offered to each student M.A. in Journalism, MSc in Multimedia, M.A in Social Media Studies, M.A in Film and Television Studies, M.A in International Relations Student should meet academic and English language entry requirements of the programme and enrolled on the programme in September 2015 Humanities and Social Sciences students who enroll in September will receive the scholarships. The deadline for applying is 1st July
University of Limerick Kemmy Business School Merit-based scholarships worth up to 50% of tuition fees are available to postgraduate Indian applicants Business Management, MA (FT),Computational Finance, MSc (FT), Economic Analysis, MSc (FT), Financial Services, MSc (FT), Human Resource Management Scholarships are based on academic merit Students will be considered automatically for scholarships
Faculty of Science and Engineering Scholarships Merit-based scholarships are available to full-time non-EU postgraduate students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering for 2015- 16. 50 per cent tuition fee scholarship to postgraduate students MSc in Applied Physics, Grad Dip/ MSc in Quality Management, Grad Dip/ MSc in Advanced Materials, Grad Dip/ MTech in Computer-Aided Engineering Product Design, Grad Dip in Chemical Engineering, MEng in Computer and Communications Systems Scholarships are based on academic merit Students will be considered automatically for scholarships
Galway Mayo Institute of Technology Scholarships for Non-EU students Scholarships are available for Non-EU students giving upto 30 per cent discount off the quoted fee 15 per cent scholarship in English Language IELTS score of 6.5 or higher
Maynooth University New scholarship for Indian Applicants to taught masters programmes commencing in september 2015 Computer Science, Electronic Engineering and Business 50 per cent tution fee scholarship Applicants can apply for a Taught Masters programme at Maynooth University through PAC by 30 th June
University College Dublin

College Dublin

 What are the popular subjects in Ireland Universities for Indian students?

Tech related subjects, computer science, engineering, business and marketing are some of the subjects very popular among Indian students in Ireland universities. We have very good Business Ireland ensures to give best possible platforms to students to work in blue chip companies school in university college Dublin to study Business and Marketing. It has one of the best MBA programmes in Dublin College. We have maximum number of Indian students in the Dublin University and there are 120 students looking to go to University College Dublin. Applied sciences is also another subject which is gaining popularity.

Ireland has large technical sectors, institutes of technology, private colleges as well and lots of Indian students are opting to study catering and hotel management. The institute of technology offers wide range of vocational courses for the students in engineering related field

Are there any innovations done in education sector specifically targeting Indian students?

University College Cork

College Cork

Education sector is very innovation focussed may be not specifically for Indian students but it is for all. There is an opportunity for the Indian students to profit from the work we are doing with the industry in particular. We have got huge ICT sector in Dublin which has become silicon dock. There are lots of companies that have shortages in terms of qualified workforce. Once the student completes graduation, he can stay in Ireland for 12 months and can find an employment.

What are the other opportunities students can explore in Vocational studies?

Ireland has large technical sectors, institutes of technology, private colleges as well and lots of Indian students are opting to study catering and hotel management. The institute of technology offers wide range of vocational courses for the students in engineering-related field.

What are the scholarship schemes for Indian Students?

National University of Ireland, Galway

University of
Ireland, Galway

We have 150 scholarship schemes that we are running for Indian students in all of the colleges. Most of them are from Government of Ireland. Majority of the scholarship schemes are coming from colleges itself.

Please throw light on British Irish Scheme.

This is the VISA scheme, which allows the student to explore education tourism in the UK without acquiring separate VISA. This is a single VISA scheme through which students can commute from Ireland to UK easily. With an Irish VISA you can move to UK and vice- versa. The idea is to facilitate education between two countries. The number of VISA applications has been increased to 20 per cent.

What are the employment opportunities for students?

Students are allowed to work upto 25-30 hours a week part time which is permitted by the Universities. They can get hands on experience. Unlike lot of other countries, we offer possibilities of having a breathing period after the student finishes his study. He can look for internships in companies and can work in the blue chip companies.

Do universities provide placement opportunities for students?

The universities arrange internships in the companies, felicitate the student’s name, give ideas. There are couple of courses now which has placement opportunities as part of the course.

What are the other benefits of studying in Ireland?

It’s a very friendly place, relaxed and is a good social place. One can go to 150 destinations in Europe from Ireland. People are more generous and talk to each other. Indian students are becoming our strong advocates.

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