DU Admissions: Slight dip in cutoffs for few

DU This year has seen a slight dip in a few subjects but massive jump in cut offs for humanities at Delhi University (DU). The main reason behind this is that colleges have been forced to issue a single cut off for every stream this year.  Therefore, they have set their cut offs close to the upper limits of their last year’s ranges.

It is important to analyse the cut offs for various courses at different colleges. Last year, the percentage for English cut off at Ramjas College was 91.5 per cent and 97.5 per cent with the lower limit meant for humanities’ students. This year it is 96 per cent for all. This means a jump of 5.5 percentage points for humanities’ students and a drop of 1.5 percentage points for commerce students. Daulat Ram College English cut off was 91 per cent and 97 per cent for science students in 2014. This year it has set it at 95 per cent.

At Hindu, English (Hons) applicants from humanities and science will see an increase of 0.75 and 0.25 percentage points while commerce students will see a decrease by 0.75 percentage points. Considering the vast majority of the applicants are from English-medium backgrounds and would’ve studied English-core as a subject, the 2.5 percentage point penalty has no impact here. Only those students with elective English will benefit form a 2 per cent advantage. The cut offs for English have gone up dramatically in off-campus colleges like Ramanujan (93 per cent from 85 per cent) and Dayal Singh (96 per cent from last year’s 85 per cent).

Similarly, this year’s cut offs are closest to last year’s upper limits at Hans Raj, Hindu, Kirori Mal and Ramjas. But the docking of 2.5 percentage points from the best-of-four subjects’ aggregates will work with subjects not common to science courses, humanities and commerce streams.

Among the science courses, BSc (H) computer science has seen some of the highest cutoffs—100 per cent for one stream at Indraprastha College and College of Vocational Studies and 99 per cent for a stream at Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma, Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences, PGDAV, Ram Lal Anand and Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences. Hansraj has retained its last year’s physics cut off— 97.33 per cent but raised for chemistry marginally from 97 per cent to 97.33 per cent.

It may be mentioned that as streams cannot be changed in science, the computation of BO4s is easier for science courses (essentially, BSc (H) physics and chemistry) as the required subjects are physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Furthermore, 21 colleges are giving relaxation to girl candidates ranging from 1 per cent point to 3 per cent point in cut off. 15 colleges have given relaxation on all courses to girl candidates in cut off.