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Technology aided education for a smarter future

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To meet the challenges in technology usage, Amit Chowdry, CEO, PeopleLink informs Elets News Network (ENN) that their solution operates at low and variable bandwidths and on different networks. This helps to video enable the remote and rural parts of the country through a deep networked channel partner network

What makes the Indian education market unique?

India has almost around 439 million students. This is a major task force which needs a delivery mechanism for ensuring that we leave no stone unturned and no community, sector or territory remains under served. On one hand, the uniqueness of this market remains in its exponential growth, while on the other hand there remains a majority section of students who are far apart from the reach of education.

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What is the market size in India as far as far as implementation of technologies like video conferencing solutions in education goes?

Indian education vertical has always reported a rapid expansion and the industry is predicted at around Rs. 5.9 trillion according to India Rating & Research and The India Vision 2020 document by the Planning Commission of India. Digital learning too is being viewed to cross around Rs. 1.1 trillion by 2019. The adoption of video collaboration is very quick and the Institutes of higher learning are even considering the option of video enabling their major events and ceremony on adhoc basis to connect with the masses.

Are teachers prepared for the technological upgradation that is happening today?

Teachers and tutors are thrilled to use the technology to reach out to their students. We have seen the teaching community adapt to these technological changes very quickly and effectively. Our technology has been evaluated by various teaching communities and they have found it apt for their teaching curriculum due to its ease in adopting the technology and the options and features it provides to enable them in expanding their reach.

The technology also offers them a comprehensive suite of data collaboration for imparting a rich experience to the students. It also helps in making the sessions interactive with automated attendance.

What are the stumbling blocks in the adoption of new technologies in the education sector?

The major stumbling blocks towards adoption of technology in Education can be pertained towards lack of awareness and readiness towards a change, technological complexity which makes it difficult for its implementation, implementation challenges, and bandwidth scarcity at sub urban and rural areas making them technology deprived.

We have a complete dedicated education suite designed which caters to this sector. We have synchronised our offerings with the government initiatives and implementation of policies to create awareness and create a talent pool which is capable of strengthening India’s economy.

Our solutions offer the ultimate ease of collaboration which has been identified internationally and has also been suggested as a part of the US curriculum for the students of computers and information technology. Our solutions operate at low and variable bandwidths and on different networks to video enable the remote and rural parts of the country through a deep networked channel partner network to ensure no area remains uncovered or unaddressed by our product offering and service network.

How do you see the market growing for new technologies? 

Education sector is a wide sector with exponential growth patterns. This expansion is creating a major need of technological advancements in terms of infrastructure and IT enablement in terms of course delivery mechanisms to cater to the large student base.

To address the need of the market we have a major deployment base in the educational sector which is well received. We offer seamless integration with 3rd party hardware products installed in the classrooms like e-podium, projectors, audio and video devices to extend unparallel features of its extensive e-Learning suite accessible by the masses on any platform.

What are your expansion plans of the company? 

PeopleLink not only integrates well with the multi-brand classroom accessories, we also provide custom e-Learning solutions like PeopleLink ePodium, eLectern and eDesk along with lecturer tracking cameras to make virtual learning experience more real.

In terms of our expansion we look forward towards having a closer synchronisation with the government and corporates to extend our solutions and offerings to the majority. We are currently working on many innovative solutions which shall help students all across the globe collaborate better.

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