Creativity in Education

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With a vision to evolve creative education system in India, ARK Infosolutions in 2012 launched an initiative called MindBox that aims to empower students with the 21st century skills for improving creativity and imagination


Game Jam Titans provides opportunity to school students to be creative

What comes to your mind when you hear or read the word ‘Creativity’? What do you associate Creativity with? If you are like the most people, your mind immediately leaps to artistic fields of drawing, painting, sculpture, drama, dance, or music etc. We usually associate the word creativity only with art. Creativity is much broader and universal than what we all consider it to be. It is actually about using imagination to create something original and new in the space you are working in. It comes into the play wherever you have the opportunity to generate new ideas, solve problems, or find approaches to make things better than before.

If someone asks you ‘are you a cre- ative person?’ If your answer to this question is negative, or if you are con- fused, then it is most probably because you think you are not an Artist! Art can- not be a litmus test to determine creativ- ity of a person. Drawing or painting are not arts. These are actually languages used for expressing an idea, making an invisible thought become visible in front of the world. Art is a specialised form of a language, just like how English is a language, but poetry is an art. And we don’t stop learning English because we do not want to be a poet. So, why do we stop teaching drawing or paint- ing or such ‘visual languages’ after a certain age? Most of us would have felt very creative in our childhood, but as we grew up into adulthood we feel we have left the creativity behind. As quoted by Sir Ken Robinson in his book Creative Schools, “Creativity is now as important in Education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” In these dynamic times, creativity and imagina- tion is more important than knowledge. Education reformers around the world have time and again expressed the need to transform the rote methods of edu- cation into ways that can nurture cre- ativity & imagination. As we realise the importance of the 21st century skills, more and more digital tools of creativ- ity are being adapted inside the range of experiences that schools provide to their students.

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Sighting this change, and with a vi- sion to evolve creative education system in India, ARK Infosolutions in 2012 launched an initiative called MindBox. MindBox aims to empower students with 21st century skills for improv- ing creativity and imagination. With a strong presence as a technology solutions provider in the animation, gaming, product design, manufacturing, robot- ics, architectural, and engineering and construction industries, ARK Infosolu- tions is all geared up to provide quality learning experience to students on these areas to make them future ready.

Speaking on the initiative, ARK Info- solutions CEO & Director Rishi Khemka says, “MindBox believes in developing creativity and life skills of students by an output method of expression using visual communication as language, creative design thinking and STEAM as a subject. The delivery happens using technology as a tool inside the school’s campus through design and project- based learning methodology for class 1st to 12th students. We also provide kits, industry expert sessions, work- sheet, and software along with qualified faculty to conduct these sessions and a four way assessment system for school and students.”

MindBox also provides national and international level competition plat- forms for students to demonstrate and showcase their skills. With their partner- ship with industry leaders like Autodesk, Corel, Unity, Foundry, and VEX Robotics, they bring in the reliable expertise on latest technology in education.

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