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Niladri Das, Senior Vice President, NYSA Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Niladri Das,
Senior Vice President, NYSA Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Our current education management system and administration needs to be streamlined, which is possible with absolute implementation of IT-based solutions. With a view to business with purpose, NYSA has developed a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that caters to the needs of the students, teachers, institutions and ministries at various levels. Niladri Das, Senior Vice President, NYSA Communications Pvt. Ltd. shares the vision and mission of the company with Elets News Network (ENN)

NYSA is a leading Enterprise Resource Planning service provider. What all its innovations may attract a client to choose the company?

We provide technology-based solutions to various governing bodies, i.e. the Department of Technical Education and private sector, including manufacturing, healthcare, real estate as well as other real time services. Our focus is ‘business with purpose’ for the welfare of society in our country. Keeping in mind the requirements of education sector, we have designed our solutions in a way that it helps ease the process through ERP solutions and Internet. We strive with full potential to offer our customers hassle- free services in the best possible way. This saves one’s efforts, time and cost.

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What strategy have you developed and how does it help the education fraternity in a big way?

ERP is the utmost requirement of any educational institute or university to make its work simpler, advanced, error free and efficient. Our process is very transparent. Therefore, we have drastically reduced the burden of RTIs in the departments we are working with. Our solution helps in the overall administration from enrollment of a student to declaration of results of that student. Nowadays, a set of question paper, along with the carbon copy of answer sheet is given to the applicants almost in every examination. Further, to help studentsevaluate their score, we upload the answer sheets online. This system c an be followed at every government institution.

Which all states have you worked with and received a positive response?

We are working with progressive states like Gujarat, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand, etc. The Southern and Western parts of India have acceptance of ERP, but there is a lack of awareness in the Central and Eastern regions. Of late, mindset of people has been changing in the country. As of now, we are providing education solution to more than 500 large and medium sized clients in the Asian region. In Business with purpose addition, we are all set to expand our foothold in the Middle East and African region as well. So far, we have successfully provided our services to Jawahar- lal Nehru University, AIIMS, Maharishi Dayanand University, Punjab Technical University and Al-Falah, etc.

While implementing the ERP solution, how do you cope up with the challenges?

We have an expert team of IT professionals with years of rich experience in the software and education sector to deal with the challenges. The government and people are apprehensive about using technology or adopting new ideas in some of the regions. But, we are committed to make people’s life easier through our solutions at cheaper rates. We work on build-operate transfer (BOT) model. First, we get into the system, study it in detail and then design easier solutions. We handhold the system and our expert sits onsite to educate the end-user on the usage of the solution. The project is for a long duration of minimum two years. We help to streamline the workflow till the time the user feels comfortable to work on the solution. So far, our target was implementing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in higher education, but now we are about to cater to school education as well. We are working on a model to connect every higher education institution via the common server

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