Making Educational Infrastructure Smart

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Securing children from any mishap is the top most concern of every parent. Keeping in mind the challenges of parents, Tech Smart has developed innovative solutions that help them track the real time activities of their children and to time updates from school

Tech-SmartWith an aim to make complete educational infrastructure smart, Tech Smart, a solution division of Secureye, has developed innovative modules that make schools, colleges, institutes technologically smart, secure and fully automated.

Pioneer in providing hardware, software and automated solutions for institutions, Tech Smart has created a niche in the market by just providing simple and innovative solutions to cut the operational hazards of the business. The integrated solutions developed by the team of experts by all means makes infrastructure smart.

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The experts at Tech Smart have developed comprehensive solutions for Student’s Safety, Digital ID Cards for students, Indoor Tracking of Students & Teachers, Access Control in restricted areas, RFID Cards & Lockers, Smart Bus tracking, Cashless Canteen, Geo Fencing, Energy Management, CCTV’s & Wi-Fi in Premises, Interactive Smart White Boards, Projectors & Visualisers, Wi-Fi PA system integrated with detailed ERP solution having all the required Modules like Admission, Timetable, Library, Transport, Examination, Inventory, Hostel, HR, Inquiry, Visitor Management etc for any institution having presence in multiple locations.

All these modules are controlled by a single control panel.

Teacher-Student – Parents: Smart Mobile App

The status of user’s child location to their performance at their finger tips: The application is installed on each stake- holder’s Mobile device. From this device, a teacher can check the student’s absence. This device shows real-time attendance of students. The application sends a text to the parents after the teacher approves absence of the students.

Parents can track the location of their children, which boosts their confidence. In case of miss behaviour by the driver or conductor or by the other students, the parents can help their child deal with it. The similar problems can be avoided in the school premises. Notifications on class cancellation, changes in timings, and class attendance can be shared with the teachers, students and parents in a very dynamic manner through this application.

School Bus Tracking

The status of user’s child location at their finger tips: As the challenges of children going missing/abduction/road accidents and the other mishaps are increasing day by day, the solution which can keep an eye on the students going to school from starting point to the doorstep are in high demand. More- over, it is not only the security that is important for the parents and the school management; it is a sense of discipline in the students that matters as well. The solution, like school bus tracking, makes sure that every student and one’s guardian are well informed ahead of time about the schedule of the bus.

Biometric Attendance

Solution for attendance management: Employee attendance management and students attendance management is directly linked with their commitment to the work in any workplace. The solution focuses on the students and the teacher attendance as a strategic part of school management with the accuracy rate of more than 99 per cent. It completely eliminates the data entry errors and calculation by replacing manual preparation of attendance sheets and mechanical time cards.

RFID Access Control

The anti-barcode system: RFID Lockers requires double authentication. No locker opens until one more person concerned punches in additionally. The RFID reader communicates with tags and transacts the information stored in the tag-now-activated. This technology is based on transmission of radio frequency waves. It is a contactless identification technology as opposed to barcode system. Standalone access control works through a keypad or an RFID card.

Digital ID Card

Introducing Digital ID Card which takes complete care of the child safety: Unique features like SOS-button that can be pressed by the student in case of bullying or any other emergency and the help is extended to him immediately. A student can talk to his near and dear ones on three pre-defined numbers. Through the Digital Smart I-card-facility, his indoor tracking can be done and additionally, he can view his attendance, time- table, grades, library-records, canteen-records, notifications, assignments, chatting with teachers and parents, etc.

Hostel Management System

Introducing efficient, low cost, hostel management software to best run a hostel: The hostel management software is designed to keep all the records of the students, and the building owners etc. The solution caters to the various departments of the hostel and provides with an opportunity to interact in a better way.

Smart Fitness Band

The status of health, fitness and communication of your child at your finger tips: Smart fitness band suits the children for its multipurpose usability. These bands are waterproof. The device lives on wrist without getting affected by water, sweat and dirt. The band comes with an always-on, watch-looking display which is easy to view in low-light conditions as well. The device is a wrist-mounted band which is very battery-efficient.

CCTV in School

Sense of security in the air: Anywhere anytime CCTV viewing gives worried parents peace of mind and infallible safety of their children. Nowadays, CCTV surveillance in schools has become a mandate in safety and security of children. Everybody is under a constant surveillance in the schools. The confidence of the students improved as no bullying is possible. A sense of security is in the air. From staff to teachers to students, every- body feels safer than ever. Over the time, public morals and order have improved as a result of video policing.

WiFi in School


Gaurav Singh,
Country Head, Solution Division, Fortune Marketing

Benefit your tech-savvy students with computer-based learning as digital learning is gathering momentum across the globe: Nowadays, students expect Wi-Fi access in a college as a basic facility. Having a Wi-Fi-enabled school helps your students in many ways. No matter what subject it is, everything will be available on the internet. From the first grade to the highest grade possible, the students benefit from this amenity. From checking e-mails to studying a case study online, Wi-Fi deployment makes it all possible.

Indoor Tracking Of Student/Teacher

Keep the learning process going: Locating teachers and students in campus has not been easier ever before. It is important to track students and teachers in real time. The students keep studying various subjects all the time; what if they need a maths teacher to consult with all of a sudden. To keep the learning process going without any blockage, the students and the teachers should be able to find them as quickly as possible. The feature includes real time tracking of entry and exit of the students from the school and SMS alert of the same would go to the parents, class teachers. Indoor Tracking of the students in real time whether in the classroom, library, canteen, sport ground, corridor, etc. is done.

Cashless Canteen

Smart canteens all around: Tech Smart canteen management application assists administrators from placing an order to selecting food to making a payment. The automated process eliminates human error completely, and this improvement reduces wastage of food and at the same time covers a larger section of members.

Enquiry Management

Enquiry management becomes more efficient than ever: The students can register online or offline for various courses in the school making enquiry process, segregation and sorting of thousands of application forms smoother. It is a tedious task for any admission department. The benefits include 24*7 availability of the services, one can apply from anywhere any- time and parents need not visit school every time. This feature makes the solution completely user friendly.

Energy Management

Reduce energy consumption, operational cost and carbon emissions of your estate by introducing Security’s energy manager: Energy management is very important for every home, school, hotel and office. Secure eye provides you with contactless light switches and sockets. An app designed by the software professionals of Secureye enables you to control your lighting system at home, at office or at hotels. Through the app, one can vary the brightness of the bulbs, tube lights, and can switch those on and off. Time can be set on the app to on/off the lights. The other type of energy management system is based on RFID card tags and readers. The energy saving switch is mounted in the building rooms, where an RFID card is inserted to gain the power. This is an advanced way to reduce energy consumption or to reduce the operating cost.

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