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With the growing inux of technology in education, there is a growing impact witnessed in the sector. The stakeholders from the education sector still believe that the traditional way of teaching cannot be replaced completely by the technological advancements. The session dwells into the pros and cons of technology usage in the education framework

DR. VINAYAK N SHET, Principal, Goa College of Engineering

The teaching in the classroom using the chalk is essential. One has to come up with something creative as copy-and-paste practice will not be much helpful. The teachers should be more interactive and an eye-to-eye contact should be developed while teaching


Principal, Goa College of Engineering

The teaching in the classroom using the chalk is essential. One has to come up with something creative as ‘copy and paste’ practice will not be much helpful. The teachers should be more interactive and an eye to eye contact should be developed while teaching. Further, reading habit among students is diminishing these days because they want that every content must be available on mobile and on other technical platforms virtually. We, as an institution, are providing 26 books for the students per year for two semesters. However, there might be a few books which are written even without opening a page. Also, with the SMS language coming up, students’ way of writing has been affected. So, we should emphasise on a proper reading and writing method, apart from learning extra from the technology.


Dean (Quality & Material), Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College

There is no doubt that the technological advancement will certainly help education to improve. With the advancement in technology, education can be more effective and efficient. However, does education only mean aiming at the information transfer? A skilled driver crosses the red light, a case like Nirbhaya gangrape takes place, highly-educated engineers indulge in crime activities- is this the education that we are imparting? There is a need to focus more on education. It is been witnessed at many places that what a person is supposed to do is actually not doing that. It is good that today we have various technological advancements like mobile computing or other kinds of digital communication. However, the need is to focus majorly on our primary education, which will be actually a useful educator in the future. Generally, in India, we have 30 per cent having the higher education, but what about the 70 per cent who don’t even get newspapers. So, before heading towards the higher education, we need to concentrate more on the primary education



  • Chalk and talk method to remain
  • Under virtual method, student loses interest
  • Emphasis required on reading-and-writing method
  • Focus should be on primary education


DR. SHARIF AHMADOne important parameter about education is environment. If we are not taking care of it, then we are not able to give proper education. We can use technology as a good assistant that may help us in improving and achieving the knowledge. However, one of the important points is that the technology has started to hamper the retaining power. People think that things are available on Google, but we cannot retain knowledge in our mind as our teachers were retaining for a long time. However, the thing is whether we are serving the society by this education or retracting it from our culture. There is a concept that a particular teacher is ideal, the reason being punctuality, honesty, commitment, etc. These are the things we cannot get from technology, only a human being can play this role. That’s why the developed countries are recruiting from India.

Dean (Faculty of Natural Science), Jamia Millia Islamia


ReenaWe have been hearing a lot about the benefits of technology. However, there is a need to talk about something more. The first and foremost is that we have heard a lot about virtual reality and some intricate topics can be taken into it very well. Nevertheless, while going through the virtual reality, one thing that the student loses is the power of visualisation. For instance, we have seen that movies have been made on many books and we always say that a book is better than a movie because while reading a book, we visualise a lot on our own. Also, the classroom and teachers cannot be replaced by open-source education. The talk and chalk is even taken up by the US researchers and they have said that even in the US, professors use chalk and board rather than going for the presentations for teaching. It is because in this process, a teacher becomes the secondary person and it is that with animation and use of other technological methods, education can be made easier but parallely, students also lose interest.


DR REENA SINGH, Associate Dean,
Student Welfare, Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology

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