Paradigm shift for Gen Next

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Vinesh Menon, Chief Operating Officer, Global Discovery Schools believes that this is just the beginning of a long journey and his vision is to have at least one Global Discovery School in every town in India. While talking to Elets News Network (ENN), he discusses the roadmap for his school


Why do you believe that Global Discovery Schools are diff erent from other schools?

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Vinesh Menon, Chief Operating Officer, Global Discovery Schools

Vinesh Menon,
Chief Operating Officer, Global Discovery

Global Discovery Schools is a movement, a movement that has been enabled by some very deep dive thinking and observations and study made on education and children behaviour for at least 3 years before we came up with the first school. The philosophies that finally emerged post this study helps engage children better, clarifies concepts better, helps them reach stretch goals and motivates them to reach new heights, keeps them focused, gets them to ask questions out of curiosity, prepares them for the industry ahead and overall gets them more positive about the life ahead.

Does Global Discovery Schools attempting to ensure that their students will be future IITians or MBAs in reputed colleges? Is that the objective?

Our objective is to create a fresh new school system around giving a single message to parents that your child will be successful to the best of his or her ability. Global Discovery School maximises on the key differentiator of ‘Life Success.’ The Road Map to a child’s dreams cannot be achieved by rote learning. Success comes when the child’s personality, self esteem, confidence, ability to make friends, value system, goal setting clarity, dominant strength in alignment, knowledge of world opportunities etc are unleashed in a structured phased out manner during the learning journey of a child in school. What we will guarantee is that a child will be a confident ready to face life after going through the Global Discovery School experience. Charting the path into IIT or IIM or becoming a scientist or an expert scuba diver is what will emerge as the child moves through this journey.

Where do you intend to have your schools? Are they boarding schools?Child

To start with, most of our plans are to have schools in Tier 1 and 2 cities of India. We do believe that the opportunities here are immense and there is a huge dearth of quality education at affordable prices in some of these cities and towns and we wish to plug that gap. We have currently moved into states like Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Punjab, Gujarat and Maharashtra. We would now within these states focus on clusters in and around Madurai, Rewa, Indore, Mangalore, Saharanpur etc.

We are currently operating these as day schools as our expertise largely lie around the philosophies of education and we would like to leverage that. Most of our schools are designed to be in a radius of 7 to 10 Km from the main residential areas of a town or city and hence will be convenient for the commute of these children.

Do you plan to go international?

If you mean IB board, may not be – If you mean start schools in countries beyond the shores of India, yes, the thought has crossed our mind. We have had enquiries come in from the South East Asia and Middle East countries. Our objective will be to reach the Indian diaspora in such nations. We would like to consolidate in India and get the best in our delivery here before venturing into foreign soils.

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