Preschools – Nurturing Childhood

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Early Childhood Learning


Preschool education is just making a child social in the society. It’s a first step towards the society. Preschool education helps in developing skills like socio-emotional skills, aesthetic skills, and physical development skills. The session on ‘Early Childhood Learning’ dwells into laying the foundation of an illustrious and receptive mind. The early education of a child plays a major role in dening the path of development of a child’s mind, writes Bhawna Satsangi, of Elets News Network (ENN)

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HAZELHazel Siromoni, Managing Director, Maple Bear

In a preschool segment, parents believe customer is the king and therefore believes in negotiations. Where in a K-12 school, parents know that there is a limitation. As preschool providers, we play a very critical role in shaping the future of the child. As preschool providers, we feel confident to have a support of our peers. The expectation of the parent is supreme and there is lot of comparison.


Preschool is really a necessity?

Today with increasing challenges for young parents when both of them are working, the preschool definitely has become a necessity, especially in urban areas. In preschool, we are teaching the basic skills to a child. It could be motor skills, concepts of colour, concept of time, self help skills, communication skills, and social skills. Preschools introduced the concepts in a fun way. Preschool is nothing but providing an atmosphere to stimulate child in different areas. If the parents have the time, they can provide atmosphere, social skills before a child goes for formal education, but the challenge today is of nuclear family. If a child is with a group of children, he will start communicate, which are the basic skills provided in the preschools.


ARCOT-G-MALATHIARCOT G MALATHI, Founder & Director Academics, Smartkidz Educare India Pvt. Ltd

The children are natural learners. When we are warm and supportive to them, they tend to develop to a large extent. Early childhood learning has mainly the involvement of the child, the parent and the colleague. We need to give freedom to the child within limit. We need to develop emotional bonding, stability as a teacher and as a parent. It is important to calmly deal with the child. Giving quality time to the child is essential not only for the parent but for the teachers too. Providing regularity, uniformity and being with a peer group is not possible at home. It can be done only in preschools in a systematic way.


  • Parent communication necessary
  • Responsible for nourishing childhood
  • Preschool important for nuclear families
  • Introduction of a topic for parents on weekly basis to connect to them regularly
  • Preschool teaches basic skills to a child

S-K-RATHORS K RATHOR, Founder Director, Sanfort Group of Schools

Learning can be started at any age and as early as possible. Learning starts from the birth itself and the child learn about himself and world around him. With the nuclear family culture, the requirement of preschools became necessary. The importance of early childhood education and development is also recognised by our government. The Government has integrated child development services ‘anganwadi’, which is the world’s largest programme in early childhood education. But we need to raise the standards of education in ‘anganwadi.’ Parents should look for the environment of the preschool, positive vibrations, and teachers to develop basic skills among children.



Director, Hello Kids

There is a tremendous shift seen in the learning capabilities with the changing times. In the early childhood, education learning becomes faster. If we spend quality time with the child, it will help in developing the skills and for that we as a teacher have to be a good educator.


Director-Operations, Bachpan a Play School

My understanding towards the pre primary education is ‘Bachpan’. We must take the responsibility towards the education of child. We have that knowledge and it is our duty to impart that knowledge to parents also. We cannot push the responsibility to government. We are responsible for nourishing the childhood.



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