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Usage of Big Data & Cloud Computing


Rapid advancement of technology and the development of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, the issues of reach and quality are addressed by enabling low cost implementation of IT tools

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Cloud is helping the educational organisations and institutions to look at applications on a standalone basis. The other thing to be looked at is the concept of mobile. With the help of Cloud applications, one is being able to deliver information from various applications to mobile devices. It is now possible to deliver nuggets of information to learners, which is also called micro learning. Looking at the usage of mobile phone, it’s pre-dominantly notification-based. So, with the Cloud application, one is able to push information to students, thereby increasing the interaction between the teacher and the student. It helps bring in the concept of flip classrooms. However, looking at the consequences of Cloud, because of the proliferation of applications, the amount of data which is created is anonymous.

DR-RSK-LAKSSHMANADR RSK LAKSSHMANA PRABHU, Co-Chairman, PSNA College of Engineering & Technology

It is a digital era and so, we need to accelerate with speed in the right direction. It is the direction of intelligence that determines the pace of growth. However, the question is – “Are we using the right as well as the latest technology?” Digital learning is not meant to replace traditional learning, rather it empowers us to accelerate the right direction of the educational growth. While the prominence of Big Data is understood beyond business mission and criticality, it’s important to accept that the Cloud will become the next movers and shakers for the Internet of Things (IOT). The way ahead is to connect, collaborate and commit. India is fast emerging as high-growth market of cloud services. Moreover, Big Data is everywhere and there is almost an urgent need to collect whatever data is being generated. Big Data analytics has become crucial as it aids in improving business and providing a biggest edge to the competitors.


SS-GOKHALESS GOKHALE, Director, LNM Institute of Information Technology

The first and foremost thing we need to do is to really look inward and figure out how our faculties are going to be accepted in the society at large and then things will automatically fall in place. It is also essential to look at what set of skills are required in computer science and engineering. As a matter of fact, one of the critical areas is the automobile data, which is quite voluminous. This data needs to be sorted. There is a need to have an inductive as well as descriptive type of statistical tools. This is one of the important aspects as far as developing business intelligence is concerned. Even in Big Data, the core of computer science and engineering, data structures, algorithms, coding, etc. have to be taken over by Big Data analytics, mobile computing, Cloud Computing and so on and so forth. On one side, all of us are excited about ‘Make in India’ and its huge impact whereas on the other hand, there is not enough faculty and many seats are lying vacant in engineering institutes. Needless to say, there is a need to re-think whether we are ready for this type of a rapid change or do we need some time to absorb the rapid advancement and go systematically.


  • Digital learning empowers to accelerate educational growth
  • Big Data and Cloud will be essential keys for Internet of Things
  • Cloud helps in developing micro learning skills
  • Cloud promotes flipped classrooms trend to a great extent
  • Find apt skills required for computer science and engineering

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