Improving Learning Outcomes: Why Just Delivering Online Learning is not Enough

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November Magazine WIZIQDo you think delivering a great online class is enough? If you do, you need to think again. The role of an online educator or trainer entails not just creating great learning experiences, but also measuring their effectiveness. Most of the educators are satisfied with delivering a great class. They tend to overlook some of the most crucial aspects of educating learners, which are evaluating themselves and their instructional approach constantly. It is easier said than done for many educators and trainers. What makes it difficult is the lack of information or insights into learner behaviour and activities.

November Magazine WizIq-2You may be a great educator or trainer, but unless you are closely watching the learning journey of your learners, you can’t ensure learner success. Learning journey is inextricably linked to instructor effectiveness, which can be measured in terms of learner engagement, which in turn is influenced by factors, such as course completion rate, overall content consumption, dropout rate, to name a few. Educators need to be constantly aware of these factors in order to ensure optimal learning outcomes. Moreover, this information is crucial for educators, enabling them to, among other things, understand learner behaviour, improve instructional content, and chose the right teaching approach. It allows educators and trainers to ensure the success of learners and that of their online teaching or training programme.

However, for most of the educators, this actionable information is not easy to come by, which makes it hard for them to get a 360 degree view of their online course. This leads to a situation where online educators are unable to take corrective steps to improve learner engagement, resulting in high dropout rate and the possible failure of the teaching programme. In a situation like this, educators don’t have a clue about what went wrong. In the absence of the relevant facts, it is impossible to ascertain the exact reasons for the failure.

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The right education technology solution bails online educators and trainers out of this tricky situation by providing the relevant information about learners’ activities. However, not every education technology solution comes with analytics feature that provides the right information related to your course and learners in an easy-to-consume format. It is therefore important for educators to choose the right solution for delivering learning.

WizIQ, the Online Academy building platform, which allows you to set up your own online academy within minutes, comes with Insights feature that provides all the relevant information that you, as an educator, need to stay on top of things. Insights provide real-time information about your learners’ activities through graphs, dashboards, and reports, which give you a clear view of how your learners are interacting with your instructional content or online course at any given time. You can have access to vital information, including overall course content consumption, online class login and logout times, percentage of course videos watched by learners, and more.

This information provided by Insights helps educators know about the learner behaviour and learning pattern, and get deep understanding of their specific learning needs and challenges. This allows educators to make significant improvements to their teaching or training programme in terms of personalising learning content or changing the way or format in which the content is delivered. With Insights, educators can focus on and address the learning needs of each and every learner effectively, thereby substantially reducing the dropout rate for their online courses and classes and improving learning outcomes.

Information is a powerful tool that can be leveraged by online educators and trainers to focus on the bigger picture and keep track of the seemingly smaller factors that have a far-reaching effect on the success of your teaching or training programme. The Insights feature of Online Academy provides educators with actionable information and deep insights into learners’ activities, enabling them to personalise learning, make data-driven decisions, and identify the learning gaps and resolve them promptly, thereby ensuring learner success.

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