Why Do Educational Institutions Need Mobile Apps?

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Gaurav Mundra Co-Founder & CEO, myly

Gaurav Mundra
Co-Founder & CEO, myly

Gaurav Mundra, Co-Founder & CEO and Madhup Bansal, Co-founder & COO, myly share with Elets News Network (ENN) about the need of mobile apps in educational institutions, myly’s unique proposition, benefits for educators, students & parents and more

What is the need for mobile apps in educational institutions?

Although education leads to technology improvement, but the implementation of technology for improvement of education delivery has been in a sorry state till now. Most of the educational institutes are still using age-old methods, even in this digital age.

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Educational institutions need to adopt mobile app solutions not just to look smart but to actually act smart. Mobile apps lead to better, cheaper and faster communication and transaction enablement. Mobile apps enable customised and personalised learning, content delivery, assessment and feedback, improving quality of learning, etc.

Which type of educational institutes can use a mobile app?

Any and all types of institutes can and must use mobile apps – schools, colleges, universities, tuition classes, coaching centres and hobby classes. There is no restriction of minimum number of students to adopt an app.

What are the key features that educational institutions must look for in a mobile app?

There is no limit to features you can have in a mobile app. To begin with, any app must have:

  • Bi-directional messaging between educators and students/parents;
  • Ability to share homework, circulars and exam schedules;
  • Attendance notification of student’s absence;
  • Ability to create events’ and holidays’ calendar;
  • Gallery for sharing images and videos;
  • Fees payment via multiple online channels.
Madhup Bansal Co-founder & COO, myly

Madhup Bansal
Co-founder & COO, myly

With several players in institute-home communication space, what is unique about myly?

First, myly is completely FREE for educational institutions, students and parents. We guarantee our customers that the current offering will remain free for life. We will introduce various optional value-added services that customers may use at a small fee.

Second, myly is useful for all types of educational institutions: schools, colleges, universities, tuition classes, coaching centres and hobby classes.

Third, myly is transaction-enabled. It is designed to allow payments via net banking, credit/debit card and mobile wallets.

Fourth, myly is extremely easy to setup and use. Our typical turn-around from sign-up to go live, including training, is only two days.

Please share the vision and mission behind myly?

myly was born out of the common frustration of co-founders Gaurav Mundra and Madhup Bansal, about not getting timely information from their kids’ schools. The conventional means of communication like diary and circulars are grossly inefficient in this digital age. Even SMS and email leave too much to be desired. This is why Gaurav and Madhup left their fulltime engagements and started myly.

Their vision is to have myly in hands of every educator, student and parent across schools, colleges, universities, tuition classes, coaching centres and hobby classes.

myly’s mission is to connect, engage and facilitate learning over a seamless mobile platform.

How is myly benefiting educators, students and parents?

For educators and institutions:

  • Saves communication cost and staff time by up to 90 per cent;
  • Improved brand image and higher brand visibility;
  • Share messages, documents, images and videos;
  • Complete audit trail on what was communicated, and when;
  • Comprehensive data repository is created on a secure cloud;
  • Accessible anytime, from anywhere;
  • Saves paper, helps the environment.

For students and parents, myly app allows to:

  • Get all communication even when they are absent;
  • Access all information in one single repository;
  • Access images and videos shared by institute;
  • Apply for leave from the app;
  • Make fees payments via net banking, credit/debit card and mobile wallets;
  • Get advance information about events and register for them.

Overall, it increases the participation of all stakeholders in the student’s learning improving outcomes.

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