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New Skills Must for UAE YOUTH

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Dr Farooq Ahmad Wasil

Dr Farooq Ahmad Wasil
CEO,Goldline Education, Dubai

Dr Farooq Ahmad Wasil, a doctorate degree holder specialising in education, is currently the CEO of Goldline Education, Dubai. In an interaction with Elets News Network (ENN), he shares about the importance of education, Springdales’ unique proposition, achievements and the vision

How much stress is on education in the Middle East region?

Education is not only a fundamental human right, but perhaps the most necessary element of development of any nation. Today, the literacy rate in the UAE is 90 per cent and the Government spends close to 25 per cent of the total federal spend on education. The UAE is always on the lookout to ensure quality education and has ensured accountability of institutions through inspections by external bodies.

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In the 21st century, the emerging workforce of a nation needs to be well equipped with the necessary skills to ensure active participation in economic development. This is possible only if they have acquired the knowledge and competencies, such as critical thinking, problem-solving and the requisite expertise, in their respective fields of engagement.

Springdales is a pioneer in K-12 education in Dubai. What sets it apart from other institutions in the region?

  • A Clear and Shared Focus: The focus is on achieving a shared vision and everyone from head of school to the learning support assistant understands their role in achieving the vision, which is developed from common beliefs, values, creating a consistent direction for all concerned through School Development Plan;
  • High Standards and Expectations: All grades, subjects and individual students are assigned minimal and aspirational targets;
  • Effective School Leadership: The school has effective instructional and administrative leadership which is required to implement the School Development Plan;
  • High Levels of Collaboration and Communication: There is strong teamwork among teachers across all grades and with other staff. Everybody is involved and connected to each other, including parents and members of the community;
  • Curriculum Aligned to International Standards: The planned and actual curricula are aligned with the essential academic learning requirements. Staff understands the role of assessments, what to measure, and how student work is evaluated; and
  • Structured Monitoring: A study cycle of different assessments identifies students, who need help. More support and instructional time are provided, either during the school day or outside normal school hours, to students who need more help.

What are the major achievements and the pioneering work undertaken by your institution?

  • CBSE Affiliation: Within the first two years of operation, the school got affiliated to CBSE after fulfilling all the requisites;

Springdales will grow and invest in resources to enhance the quality of education opportunities. It will also contribute positively towards the UAE Vision 2021

  • Three-year Development Plan: We developed a three-year development plan and based on that school performed better in all the key areas of operation. Over 115 initiatives were introduced, and the results can be seen in the forthcoming years; and
  • DAST Award: The school won DAST Award in School Transportation category, awarded by Road Transport Authority, Government of Dubai.

How does the school try to achieve Happy Learning framework of KHDA?

  • Meaningful Use of ICT: Interactive Smart Board, Laptops, Ipads and web-based activities.
  • Student Prefectural Board and Student Voice: Enables student express their views and concerns freely and ensures student empowerment;
  • Star of the Week: Recognition and awards given to students ensure good behavior and positive environment;
  • Perfect Attendance, Great Punctuality Certificates & House Points: Ensures punctuality and very good attendance;
  • IDEAL Approach: Identify, Describe, Explain, Analyse and Link approach, which ensures critical thinking, problem-solving and innovation; and
  • SAT: Student Achievement Tracker (Set Targets, Monitor and Support Under achievers).

What is your vision for the next three years?

  • To contribute positively towards the UAE Vision 2021;
  • Grow and invest resources to enhance the quality of education opportunities, comply with powerful factors determining School’s effectiveness – teaching for effective learning; curriculum; protection; care; guidance and support for students; leadership & management (four powerful factors determining School’s effectiveness as per KHDA model); and
  • Continuously improve quality of educational programme and ensure two key outcomes – Student Achievement; Students’ Personal, Social Development and Innovation Skills (as per KHDA Model).
  • The actions resulting from this three-year plan will directly contribute to the advancement of excellence and innovation in education at Springdales School, Dubai.

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