IIT Kharagpur to conduct research on oral healthcare

IIT Kharagpur has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) and Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Sciences and Research (GNIDSR) to conduct a joint research in oral healthcare.

“Millions of people, especially from the economically underprivileged sections of our society, today suffer from oral and dental diseases, particularly from oral pre-cancer and cancer,” a media report quoted Sardar Taranjit Singh, Managing Director, JIS Educational Group that runs GNIDSR.

“But no breakthrough has yet been achieved towards treatment and management of these malignant diseases resulting in the loss of millions of lives,” Singh added.

Giving an overview of the research, SK Bhattacharya, Deputy Director IIT-Kharagpur, said, “It was necessary to take cancer gnomonic and image analysis to the next level and in the future we are planning to conduct advanced research in stem cells.”

Ajoy Roy, Director, IIEST Shibpur, said, “Dental caries and periodontal diseases are the most common oral pathoses for tooth loss making an individual orally and facially crippled. Biomaterial, bio-sensors and tissue engineering research will be of immense help to manage dental caries and to fabricate cost effective artificial prosthesis and implants.”