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Mobile revolution has changed the lives of adults in many ways, and now companies are targeting children of all ages through various mobile applications like gaming applications, learning applications and many more. Akash Tomer of Elets News Network (ENN) writes about what makes these mobile tools effective in enabling kids to learn new concepts.

Preschool and primary education days of any child define his or her future trajectory in academics. The children of 21st Century are developing new habits for learning and social development. Digital media and electronic gadgets are now playing a critical role in development of their learning habits. In their initial years, children spend more hours in front of various screens and with different kinds of media than devoting time to reading and outdoor play.

Education or learning applications emerged as the ways to accelerate learning among kids through digital media.

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“Apps help take out the bother of different platforms, an app is on your phone and your phone is always with you so direct, instant, hassle free communication”, says Swati Popat Vats, President- Podar Education Network.

gauravIt has been commonly observed that smart phone devices appeal to children as young as three years of age. Market reports confirm that digital devices with accessible touch screens are gaining mass popularity. Industry majors have understood the market potential of apps. Apple Inc. has launched a separate section on the iTunes store dedicated to apps for kids. Educational media leaders too have launched numerous education and learning apps for kids.

Describing the importance of mobile apps, A S Ganesh, Founder & Managing Director, SMARTKiDZ Educare India said, “Communication through app increases parents’ understanding of classroom procedures, philosophies and policies. Parents then feel more involved in their child’s school and more connected to the teacher”.

Innovative mobile learning applications are everywhere on the internet. Educators, application developers and companies are now focusing on every attribute to improve school learning for children.

“We have chosen mobile as a platform to deliver our content, as this is an era of mobiles and they are getting more powerful day by day. These devices have hugely impacted on how we consume content in terms of learning. Besides, we have witnessed native kids learning via tablets very intuitively and it seems like a natural way to learn,” said Altaf Rehmani, Founder, Tiny Tapps.

Mobile Applications to Help in
Study Many apps have come up to help children organise and schedule their study sessions for self-learning. Some of these are:

  •  My Study Life– The tool helps creating a learning schedule and assist kids stay ahead in completing their assignments, exams, important deadlines and collaborative group work.
  •  GoConqr– One can discover mind maps, flashcards, quizzes and notes to help them learn quickly and easily.
  •  Khan Academy – One of the best applications to catch up the entire stuff one missed (or forgot) from high school in subjects like biology, history, physics and mathematics.

“At Robomate+ll the apps are native apps, which make them more user friendly and provide better performance and experience. The complete Robomate+ platform is deployed on the Cloud that makes it future ready and highly robust and scalable,” Dr Chhaya Shastri, Director MT Educare, told Elets News Network (ENN).

Mobile applications to download E-books:
These applications help kids store their e-book collection and add new ones on the cloud platform. They facilitate reading on-the-go. Some of such apps available on the internet include:

 Free Books– This app has a collection of more than 50,000 free e-books and is also supported by the Kindle app. l Speed Reader– It is one of the best speed reading Android applications. It can run more efficiently on smaller Android phone screens.
Overdrive– This app allows kids borrow e-books, audio books, and videos from the local library. Its overdrive supports more than 30,000 libraries worldwide.

Innovative mobile learning applications are everywhere on the internet. Educators, application developers and companies are now focusing on every attribute to improve school learning for children.

chhaya-shastri“Learning is a collaborative process and cannot be confined to the classroom alone. The child must continue learning at home. For this to happen, the teacher, the parent and the student must be on the same continuum of learning. Our intent of creating Myly School Mobile App was to build a platform for teachers, parents and students to connect, collaborate and learn,” said, Gaurav Mundra, CEO, Myly.

Mobile applications for preparing notes: With the help of these apps, students can prepare notes, share their notes, project details and ideas.

 Evernote– Evernote is the app to collect inspirational ideas, write meaningful words, and move important academic projects forward.

Google Keep– The quickest way to offload ideas, thoughts, and to-dos.

Lecture Notes– It is an Android application for note-taking by handwriting on the screen, in particular with a stylus.

Mobile application to learn science: Students can have the complete knowledge through these apps. They can also play games to learn concepts of any science subject.

  •  Complete Biology– This advanced biology application covers 35 important topics with tutorials, formula, exam questions and biology practical.
  •  Chemistry Lab– It is a fun app where you learn about organic chemistry while playing games with actual chemical reactions.
  •  Pocket Physics– This mobile application covers most of the physical formulas with descriptions and images.

Mobile application to learn mathematics: Kids can learn tricks, algorithms and practice mathematics questions with the help of these apps.

Math Tricks– This mobile learning application is designed to learn interesting mathematical tricks for solving mathematical problems quickly.

Math Workout– The mobile application uses an advanced training algorithm to train your brain through solving math problems.

Math Duel– A two player math game that test the speed of math processing skills.

“Kids are already spending a lot of time on smartphones, tablet devices or TVs watching engaging content. We set out to give kids and teachers access to a very diverse set of high quality content across rhymes, songs, art and craft videos, english language and math learning and so on”, said Naveen Chintamaneni, Chief Revenue Officer, Bulbul Apps.

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