Golden Bells and De Indian Public School EDUCATE WITH A DIFFERENCE

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Away from the crowd of various schools springing up across the country, Golden Bells play school and De Indian Public School have created a niche in the preschool segment.

Claimed to be India’s first multiple intelligence based preschool, Golden Bells is anchored around the philosophy of innovation in teaching and the school work towards unleashing the latent genius in every child.

Since old strategies to ensure finest education for present-day wards are failing to deliver impressive results in the holistic development of kids, it is believed a robust academic foundation can empower today’s children to tackle academic challenges in future with ease.

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Reinvention, the phrase holds immense substance in a changing educational environment.

Right from the preschool, high school to university – a student learns whatever is inculcated in his mind.

Thus, a curriculum has been shaped here around innovation and reinvention, incorporating latest trends, to facilitate bringing about an inner change in every student. It also helps in ensuring dexterity and an aptitude to achieve success in this fast globalising educational environment. It empowers the student to ‘think out of the box’.

Golden Bells preschool and De Indian Public School, a senior secondary school, have been anchored around this very philosophy.

Golden Bells preschool happens to be the first school in India to incorporate Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) concept. DMIA involves analysing the potential of a child, learning styles, acquiring styles, brain dominance and distribution of intelligences through the fingerprints.

It identifies various hidden points of intelligence, providing information about strengths and weaknesses of a child including emotional, creative, adversity, spiritual and intelligent quotients. Accordingly, development of the child’s career is well-shaped.

“We lay emphasis on hands on learning wherein students learn and express the same in simple activities. We help the children connect their learning to real life and encourage them to innovate,” says H R Gupta, Chairman, Golden Bells preschool and De Indian Public School.

“Project and play-based learning holds equal significance at our campuses. Problem solving, decision making, and investigative activities in groups appended with play activities enable the students learn from their own experinces,” he adds.

Today, smart schooling technology marks the existence of Golden Bells preschool and De Indian Public School.

Students are tracked and monitored in the campus and while commuting in school cabs, parents or guardians get updated about the same, thus feeling relaxed about their security and attendance and enjoy such a special convenience like never before.

“The teaching-learning at both of our schools happens at digital podiums. All classes are equipped with 3D technol- ogy; virtual electronic blocks add to the convenience factor. We offer a supportive environment,” says Rajeev Gupta, Director of Golden Bells preschool and De Indian Public School.

“We are the only preschool that have adopted so many extracurricular activities for kids, like swimming, horse riding, yoga, meditation, taekwondo, kho-kho, hockey, kabaddi and the list goes on,” he adds.

“Our target three years down the line is opening up of at least 50 preschools across the country,” says Gupta who also looks forward towards helping children and adults relieve stress via stress relieving exercises through his “Remake Yourself ” workshops.n

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