BHIS: Fostering Innovation and Quality in Learning

Children are raised hands in classroom.

It is important for to adopt latest technology and teaching methodologies in the school for improved and quick learning among the students. Moreover, students’ progress must be monitored and shared with their parents regularly, says Sharmila Chatterjee, Principal of Billabong High International School, Noida, in a conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).


What are the methodologies followed at your school to embed best future practices and innovation with the teaching-learning process?

The school follows child centric curriculum with Inter disciplinary approach. Research-based curriculum has always been at the core of our teaching. The complete curriculum from Pre-primary to Grade VIII is based on Multiple Intelligence and Blooms Taxonomy.

The best practices followed to improve teaching-learning process at our school are:

  • Brain based learning based on latest brain research & pedagogy
  • Integrated, innovative, multidisciplinary curriculum is flowed through out the most formative years of learning
  • Crafting opportunities for movers, lookers and listeners
  • Linking learning to practice

We at Billabong High International School (BHIS) value a stimulating and dynamic curriculum developed by Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd (KKEL) for the preschool and the primary school. While the curriculum is designed in association with Billanook College, Melbourne, adequate attention has been given to incorporate Indian knowledge base and value system.

The teaching-learning methods employed at the school are:

  • We want our student to strive for PCCE – Passionate, Creative, confident and Ethical- Passion or love for learning, Talent for thinking, love for hard work.
  • The learning becomes interesting when students are provided with opportunities to explore, investigate, research in stress free, supportive environment.
  • All this makes our learners ongoing and lifelong learners

It is important to monitor innovative progress, performance and behaviour of every student at school. What initiatives have taken by your school in this regard?

One of crucial element of any school’s growth is progress of its learners.  Learners at BHIS are nurtured with care. The progress of a student is monitored with continued comprehensive assessments. The behavior of children are monitored and counselled by the school psychologist & student counsellor if required.

At BHIS, it is mandatory to share students’ progress report with parents through Parent Login system. Overall progress and the problem areas if any are discussed with parents in Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) which are held on a regular basis. Besides the PTMs the school also organise Open House for Parents to share and discuss their concerns if any.

For Innovation in school it is very important to have skilled teachers. What measures have taken at your school to improve the teaching experience?

Technology-assisted learning tools are quickly changing the face of education, transforming the classroom learning environment to online or blended online learning experience. The possible challenges instructors and learners face in an e-learning environment must be considered in order to ensure learner success. All our teaching staff is well qualified and professionally trained teachers. The teachers are skilled and further nurtured to deliver the innovative curriculum of the school.

The school is also a centre for Kangaroo Kids Institute for Teachers Development & Research. The teachers are provided with:

  • Initial Induction into the KKEL curriculum & pedagogy
  • Regular training for effective communication & ICT is provided
  • Supervised field training & Consistent quality checks to improve their learning application
  • Regular training workshops on classroom teaching and soft skills
  • Every teacher is encouraged for 150mins of self-learning & learning sharing every week within the school hours

For holistic development of children, what extracurricular activities are conducted at the school?

At KKEL, all students including special, differently abled and self-paced learners are entitled to equal opportunities to discover, enhance and maximise their potential. Thus all students are given equal opportunities and 100% participation. As per the policy and the belief of the school, we provide early morning sports training, a skill building activity without any discrimination.

The teams for various sports are formed at school or Inter House level. Inter Section events also include special or differently abled learners to offer equal space and opportunity. Sensitisation of students and teachers towards special children helps improve the learning process and the social connect.

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