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Propagating K12 Learning in Higher Education

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Technology-enabled education of LearnEngg is considered as a promising solution for making the students learn effectively and become industry ready, writes Dr S Mohamed Nabi, CEO and Director, LearnEngg for Elets News Network (ENN).

K12 Class Room Teaching has seen vast changes in the last 10 years. Self learning platforms, teaching tools and content have evolved to make students learn holistically. Technology usage has transformed the classroom teaching with focus on in-depth learning.

The K12 education is undergoing a rapid transformation with technological implementation in all its spheres. The students who have undergone digital education till Class 12 have a familiar environment in higher education as the learning platforms and tools remain the same as that of K12 education. However, in technical education, the content is mostly in the form of video lecturers of renowned professors in their respective fields.

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In higher and technical education, the content oriented products with explanations and demonstrations as that of K12 segment are very limited. The major reasons are, across the globe, K12 curriculum remains within well-defined boundaries whereas the scenario is totally different in technical and higher education.

The technical education has a vast and diversified curriculum across all the streams and the quantity and quality of content requirements is much more than that of K12 segment. Hence, Edu-Tech corporates are mostly concentrating on K12.

The technical education curriculum revolves around five major branches of engineering namely Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil Engineering and Computer Science. All other branches are derivative or specialised form of these basic engineering branches. However, in recent years, the focus is shifted on skill training of students to prepare them job ready. Hence, to understand fundamentals and reason behind technical assumptions and Industry applications need to be exploited for better learning.

In the last nine years, “LearnEngg” has evolved itself in line with these trends. It provides 3D/2D visual demonstrations for the concepts in technical education. Main thrust of visual learning solution is to effectively integrate e-Learning methodology and visual medium maximising the learning benefits to students. The visual learning tool combines all four stages of an effective Learning programme: Technology, Tools (S/W), Standards and Content, and customised as per requirements of customer leading to personalised learning.

2D/3D visuals are well annotated in the language easy to understand for the students who have studied in their vernacular language in school. Thus, the tool removes the hurdles of language dependence and enhances the effectiveness of learning and skill acquisition. The skill knowledge, in this system, evolves within the curriculum and not as a separate skill development course after a formal education.

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