Superkidz at Holy Heart School: Giving Wings to Imagination

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Shilpa Vikram Seth

Shilpa Vikram Seth, Principal,
Superkidz at Holy Heart-Amritsar

At Superkidz, activity oriented learning is encouraged in 50,000 sq feet area to give wings to their imagination. Children are given global skills through ample curricular and non-curricular activities, says Shilpa Vikram Seth, Principal, Superkidz at Holy Heart-Amritsar, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

How the practices followed at Superkidz at Holy Heart School help students to inculcate intelligence and lifelong enthusiasm for learning?

Learning in school is a progressive, planned activity cast in the light of the firmly held belief that children are different from adults and that they need to be prepared for the adult world at the same time as they need to be protected from it. At Superkidz at Holy Heart School, we take several steps to make learning fun and inspiring. Each kid is observed and noted everyday in his/ her all activities. Differentiation tips and regular assessment of skills and concepts give the teacher an effective way to give each student personalised attention.

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As the teacher student ratio is 1:20, every child is well monitored physically and emotionally. Teachers get ample opportunity to develop personal connects with kids which help the teachers to understand the kids better and hence they work on different kids according to their specific needs.

Parents are counselled by the school in case their kids face any problem on a regular basis. Every child faces different situation and the children at Superkidz at Holy Heart School are taught how to be emotionally balanced and to handle situations without losing their patience with a positive approach. All these practices pave the way for students to inculcate intelligence in a caring and loving environment.

What are the best global practices followed at Superkidz at Holy Heart School to impart innovative learning experience to students?

At Superkidz, activity-oriented learning is encouraged in a 50,000 sq feet area to give wings to their imagination. Children are given global skills through ample curricular and non-curricular activities.

Kids are not bound to a single classroom. They move in groups independently to different areas as per their schedule. From time to time field trips, excursions and movie shows are organised.

These methods make students ready for upcoming challenges in today’s rapidly changing, interconnected society.

Teachers are the most important factors in making school learning interesting. What parameters are adopted at the school while appointing teachers?

Teachers set the tone of their classrooms, create a warm environment, mentor and nurture students, become role models, and listen and look for signs of trouble. At Superkidz, we believe that the soul of the school is sound teaching processes. To achieve this we have high expectations from our faculty. According to our norms a teacher should be an expert in their field; collaborate with colleagues, students and families to create a culture of respect and success; demonstrates leadership and innovation inside and outside of the classroom. By ensuring all these qualities, we ensure that the best faculty is hired by the school.

How extracurricular activities help students to boost their learning at Superkidz at Holy Heart School?

Extra co-curricular activities are considered to be an integral part of school life and are central to each school’s commitment to the academic, social and emotional well-being of their students. At Superkidz, children have the opportunity to participate in many different activities that encourage the development of specific skills.

What is the vision and plans of the group for the next few years?

We aim to nurture children’s passion to influence change through a creative and interactive curriculum with emphasis on fostering a spirit of discovery and enjoyment in learning. At our school, academics come wrapped in rich layers of imaginative, cultural, creative and experiential learning, but most importantly, we are committed to bring out excellence in every child by cultivating  self-confidence and principled young minds. The upcoming plans of the group are as follows::

  • After sound footing in Superkidz at Holy Heart, our students move to our high school, i.e., Holy Heart Presidency School, which provides them with world-class infrastructure and latest education techniques and is equipped with smart classes in all rooms to make learning interesting and interactive Best exposure to sports is given to students through a state-of-the-art indoor sports complex.
  • The school has tied up with Yuvraj Singh Cricket Academy, which is about to launch training programmes in a few months time.
  • The school is incorporating an auditorium of 1,000 seats that is intended to support the school’s performing arts and educational presentation requirements. This auditorium will be used to showcase the talent of the students and build up their confidence.
  • The school is going to tie up with a professional sports company for training students in basket ball and lawn tennis.
  • The school is heading forth towards setting up of vocational school for giving life skills training to young students.

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