Instilling a high fidelity culture of self learning

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The world is changing fast, very fast, industry leaders couldn’t predict their own demise. Be it Nokia, Kodak, print media, or brick and mortar retail in developed countries.

Most of “white collar jobs” that need linear thinking are being replaced by automation and AI. We are seeing this in legal, medical, and financial industries in the western world. In India, software and BPO industries are getting affected. Not companies but industries will go extinct.

In India, the problem compounds. A matriculate 40-50 years ago was wise and empowered. Now, even graduates are commodities. We are hence seeing an “education inflation”. Companies that recruited graduates some years ago are now open only to PhDs.

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We saw all these first-hand coming from software and telecom industry. As concerned parents, we set to answer this i.e. “how do we get our kids future ready?” After years of experimentation, we came with 3 basic habits to get FutureReady.

Self-learning: You would have heard “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for life”. With us, it is, “Teach a student, he learns a topic; enable him to self-learn and he can learn anything”.  With this skill, as the future keeps changing, he can keep self-learning.

Bricolage: This is the antithesis of linear thinking. Students learn by trying, testing and playing around. This inculcates creativity and non-linear thinking. This is hands-on. This increases retention and faster recall of what they learn. Creativity is hard yet for AI or Automation to replace.

Collaboration: Self-learning and Bricolage are more effective when students collaborate. It makes learning fun. Also, in future, open systems will be the norm. Not hierarchical. This is a key culture to master.

At FutureReadyKids, we help schools integrate these skills into their “project-based homework” process. This is seamless and requires zero change in their processes, systems, and timetables. There are no kits nor resource personnel. Students learn and do 100% at their homes. It also simplifies the project based assignment process.

Further, students who excel in these projects join our “young inventors program”. Here, our students, have invented products, patenting and selling them on and

We help schools simplify and make “project-based assignments” effective. Students imbibe an indelible culture that empowers and gets them future ready.

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