The Millennium School – Making Learning A Meaningful Experience

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The Millennium School has a holistic system, including that of assessment of students learning in multiple ways. It has been created to serve as a healthy combination of formative and summative assessments and also for the physical and emotional readiness of the child to learn, says Rita Kaul, Director, The Millennium Schools, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

How the practices followed at The Millennium School nurture each student’s inherent potential and talent?

Rita Kaul, Director, The Millennium Schools

Rita Kaul, Director, The Millennium Schools

The Millennium Learning System is designed to ensure that children get ample opportunities to discover their inherent capabilities and talents and hone them. The skill-based learning activities and the child-friendly and versatile assessment activities allow children to demonstrate their learning in a variety of presentation styles – through role plays, through making models, posters, through making oral presentations, or through puzzles and games. All these help children to discover their latent natural skills, but also to apply them to learn better.

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What is Millennium Learning System all about?
The Millennium Learning System is a multifaceted learning system that is based on the principles such as:

  • Skill Based – Students during the course of learning build subject specific skills and thus they acquire a thorough understanding and mastery of concepts
  • Sequential – The teachers guide the students to construct their learning sequentially as they move from the known to the unknown
  • VAK based – In MLS we believe that children learn best when they are exposed to learning in their learning style (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic). MLS ensures that children are taught according to their learning style
  • Mapped to Developmental Milestones – We understand that children at different age groups have different learning needs and capabilities and hence our curriculum approach is mapped as per the age of the child. For our pre-primary learners we follow the play way approach, for the primary learners we have an activity and project-based learning methodology, to challenge our middle-school learners and to harness their developing cognitive capabilities, we follow the brain-based methodology and for the senior school learners the methodology evolves around developing higher order thinking and decision- making skills.

The mission of The Millennium School is to nurture a culture where students are valued as individuals and allowed to explore their creative talents.

How important is research and development to boost learning among students?

In order to be relevant, classrooms must meet the future needs of the students and must prepare them for the world of tomorrow. Hence, the traditional approach to teach may not be always the best suited. An active Research and Development team that keeps adding to teachers’ repertoire of teaching tools and strategies to suit the learning needs of children will make sure that children are equipped to face the future with the requisite skills and knowledge. Along with imparting knowledge, it is very important to assess the learning of students.

What assessment methods are followed at Millenium School?

Assessment System at The Millennium School is a holistic system that assesses the students’ learning in multiple ways. It is a healthy combination of formative and summative assessments and also of the physical and emotional readiness of the child for learning. The system also is diagnostic and with an integrated remediation and performance enhancement programme to help children to excel and reach their learning potential. The focus in The Millennium Schools is on learning and its application and in helping children to realise their potential and not just on scoring and ranking.

What is vision and mission of the school for future?

The Millennium School is committed to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child, creating lifelong learners who will be the leaders of tomorrow. With parents as our partners, we aspire to create global citizens who are innovative and have a strong sense of values.

Mission: The mission of The Millennium School is to nurture a culture where students are valued as individuals and allowed to explore their creative talents. We believe that the positive self concept is benefited through academic success and it is our goal to keep raising the bar .We move forward with skills and confidence to be successful in our highly competitive society. Our school environment has been created with the focus on “Show the pride in everything you do”. With parents as partners we have followed a positive direction.

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