Nurturing Global Citizens through Diversified Learning

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Diversity amongst students helps them be aware of different countries, their cultures and inculcates in them a spirit of brotherhood and unity in diversity, says Gagan Jyot Mann, Managing Director, Doon International School, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

What are the strengths of your school?

Gagan Jyot Mann

Gagan Jyot Mann, Managing Director Doon International School

Doon International School (DIS), established in 1993, is among the top CBSE school of Dehradun and Uttarakhand. The school currently has students from several parts of the world including US, UK, Canada, Thailand, Korea, Middle East, Nepal etc. Our students benefit immensely from multi-cultural, multi-racial student body which contributes immensely to their learning experience. Excellent academic facilities offered by DIS help students to excel in the board exams along with competitive exams.  Our two world class school campuses located at Doon valley and Mohali respectively have facilities at par with renowned schools across the world. Other than that choice of Indian and International curriculum and a progressive and holistic education system inculcates 21st century skills and leadership qualities among students.

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What measures have been taken to improve academic achievements of students?

School’s commitment of excellence in academics is reflected in form of outstanding performance by our students in the board examinations conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The school is recognised as a centre for academic excellence. A large number of our students have qualified various competitive exams are studying in reputed universities in India and abroad. Since academic excellence is a key area of focus for the school, apart from examinations, regular classroom tests are conducted for teachers and students to assess their preparation and take corrective measures. Individual attention is provided to the students for improving their learning.

There are over 200 teachers recruited for their skills, abilities. The teachers are well supported with several ICT tools, technicians and other ancillary and administrative staff. Teachers are encouraged to be flexible and individual in their approach so as to give personal attention to student needs.

The school’s examination papers are prepared by a separate team of expert academicians to ensure effective learning in classrooms. In junior classes, the key focus is on building a solid foundation, especially in linguistic and mathematical skills.

Research and development are very important for a unique and effective curriculum, what are the practices followed at Doon International School to keep the curriculum in line with the global trends?

Doon International School follows the latest practices in education sector, curriculum integrated with industry requirements and better evaluation and assessment methodologies. As one of the leading schools, we regularly participate in workshops and conferences related to latest developments in curriculum, educational technology and teaching-learning practices. We have collaborated with educators and various organisations to exchange ideas and experiences. At DIS, we use latest technology for enhancing learning outcomes; our evaluation criteria lays more stress on reasoning and analytical abilities than memorisation. We encourage independent and group assignments/projects among students to inculcate 21st century skills such as collaboration, creativity, imagination, critical thinking and problem solving among them as we believe schools must move beyond a focus on basic competency to promoting understanding of academic content.

Today we live in a technology and media-suffused environment with access to an abundance of information and rapid changes in technology, therefore at DIS, students are encouraged to create, evaluate, and effectively utilise information and technology.

What kind of support is provided to teachers by the school for their professional development and familiarity with the best teaching-learning practices?

At Doon International School staff is encouraged to get trained in new skills along with implementing new ideas and instructional practices. Teachers are provided support and assistance to pursue professional development as it not only ensures the best learning outcomes for students but also makes the teachers more effective while delivering lectures. Since changing educational technology, board guidelines and curriculum standards make it challenging for teachers to keep up with trends and best practices, various resources are provided by the school to them to become aware about best ad latest practices. Moreover, we also encourage our staff to participate in various conferences, attend teacher development workshops and pursue online courses. We also have training sessions for capacity building strategies for teachers andvarious experts are frequently invited to our school to share their expertise with our staff.

In line with the vision and mission of Doon International School, how is the school planning to serve every section of the society and improve education landscape of the country?

Doon International School was conceptualised to educate children from all backgrounds so as to nurture them as ethical citizens who stand tall even in the largest of crowds. We strive to develop outstanding world citizens who serve not only their country but also contribute to global development.

To fulfil our mission and achieve our vision, a number of initiates are taken by the school. Numerous scholarships are given to deserving and needy students so as to remove financial obstacles. The school’s non-discriminatory and impartial admission procedure helps in providing equal opportunity for quality education to students from all sections of society which directly and positively impacts the future of many underprivileged families. Character building and moral education are also stressed on at DIS so as to help make our children honest, responsible, respectful of one another’s wellbeing and compassionate. Therefore, much of our school’s programme aims at nurturing civic virtues and values that are part of our constitutional tradition. Doon International School therefore not only serves every section of society but also upholdsand supports nation building.

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