TNT, Auditing institutes to make them flourish

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Tutored and Trained audit schools and colleges across India using help them in Teacher Evaluation, Policy Review, Safety Audits and also in developing new revenue streams, says Joyanto Mukherjee, Founder and CEO, Tutored and Trained (TNT), in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

How the practices followed by TNT bring life into old institutions and help newer institutions to flourish?

We evaluate the academic system and the professors on KSA scale which includes three important parameters – Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. Any academic system to work efficiently requires focus on these three parameters. We inspect every minute detail by spending four to five days at an educational institute and audit every aspect of the
system i.e. teaching staff, administration, classroom and the overall management, using a combination of clinical psychology and behavioural science. We observe the time spent by teachers in preparing their lessons and their approach towards delivering a lecture. Based on all these things, we come out with a solution to improve the system.

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Teachers play an important role in improving the teaching-learning process, how TNT identifies problems of teachers and executes solutions through them to better the overall functioning of schools?

One of our services, Teacher Behaviour Analysis (TBA) – A comprehensive audit of every teacher in the institute, is used to highlight key challenges that are being faced by them along with psychometric evaluation of their satisfaction levels on different aspects. It enables the institutions to identify and resolve unheard issues of teachers as well as to get a comprehensive feedback on their teacher portfolio with answers to the questions like are they satisfied, are they motivated, etc. Resolving the issues help the institutions to get the best output from teachers. This also helps in
improving the teacher-student relationship.

We believe that it is crucial for educational institutes to constantly evolve not just in the way of teaching but also the way they run the institute, via its POLICIES. TNT’s Policy Review Tool enables institutes to shape their future backed by the latest management tools & behaviourial sciences.

Various recent incidents at different schools have raised questions on security promises made by schools, what role does TNT’s Education Institute Safety Audit play to ensue better safety measures?

We believe that every child has his/her way of observing things around them either in school or at home. It may or may not be good for them. Our service, Education Institute Safety Audit (EISA) is a truly – effective safety audit that goes beyond physical safety of a child. Our service focuses on emotional and mental safety of students by creating a safer atmosphere for them to develop in.

It is important for educational institutes to analyse existing policies and frame the new ones for their smooth functioning, how TNT help them in this?

We believe that it is crucial for educational institutes to constantly evolve not just in the way of teaching but also the way they run the institute, via its POLICIES. TNT’s Policy Review Tool enables institutes to shape their future backed by the latest management tools & behaviourial sciences. Thus making it a teacher friendly organisation focused on creating value for all.

What is your mission and vision for upcoming years?

Tutored and Trained is India’s only academic auditing firm. We are a team of young and dynamic people coming from different backgrounds with the motive to bring changes in the Indian Education system. We use Behavioural Economics to influence choice architecture to have more effective HR practices, increase teacher performance and more. We believe that Indian education system can be changed by bringing uniformity in it.

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