TUK – Adding Value to Education

Reading through the internet will make children interested. This would improve their reading abilities, intelligence quotient and grasping power, says Manmeet Khurana, Founder and CEO, The Ultimate Knowledge, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

How is The Ultimate Knowledge (TUK) making children be aware at an early age?

Manmeet Khurana, The Ultimate Knowledge
Manmeet Khurana, Founder and CEO, The Ultimate Knowledge

The Ultimate Knowledge is a dynamic encyclopedia which aims to develop awareness in the minds of the children from an early age. Across knowledge spectrums and geographical boundaries, we provide knowledge to the children in the form of impeccably written articles supplemented by illustrations and videos.

What are the various domains in which TUK is imparting knowledge to a child? Please describe about every domain in brief.

We have segregated domains after extensive consultations with eminent teachers, educationists, principals and parents. For example, to make students understand Science better, we present situations and phenomenon with proper explanation of the concept behind it. Similarly under the Technology section, the latest happenings across the world are presented before the children in a lucid language.

On similar lines, the Inventions and Discoveries domain make students aware of how the things they use frequently were invented or discovered. The Health section makes students aware about the changes required in their lifestyle/posture/diet to lead a healthier life. Amazing Information section is the collection of amazing things on this planet. The Current Affairs section updates the child with the latest happenings across the globe. Under the TUK special section, the most relevant topics are analysed with its past and future aspects. We also have Do & Learn and Stories for the children to enhance their creative side.

Our vision is to help society in making the youths aware to take on the world with their knowledge and capabilities. The world is turning towards India and our students need to be well equipped to utilise this exposure.

How is the information available at TUK different from regular academics? How will it help students boost their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and learning power? 

The information available at TUK is different from academic curriculum and has been designed to supplement the knowledge a child acquires at school. Education is imparted at schools and the information available at TUK makes it holistic by making students aware as well.

How does The Ultimate Knowledge platform helps teachers to improve the learning practices in classroom? 

Teachers can add value to their classroom lectures with more interesting information about any topic. As the students are well aware about internet, teachers may also direct them to get additional information about any topic just by reading an article. Any topic taught digitally  through illustrations and videos have a permanent impression on child’s memory.

What is the vision and mission of The Ultimate Knowledge for future?

Our mission is to form a perfect blend of education imparted to students at schools with awareness acquired at TUK platform. It will be the most appropriate form of knowledge for developing students holistically.

Our vision is to help society in making the youth aware to take on the world with their knowledge and capabilities. The world is turning towards India and our students need to be well equipped to utilise this exposure.