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eShiksa Facilitating Digital Management of an Institute

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eShiksa helps institutes to engage with students and parents that leads to holistic growth of a student and a better brand value, says Pravin Sharma, CEO & Founder, eShiksa, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Give us an overview of eShiksa.

Pravin Sharma, CEO & Founder, eShiksa

Pravin Sharma, CEO & Founder, eShiksa

eShiksa is an ED Tech startup focused on providing services to the education Institutes over the SAAS model to more than 500+ Institutes today. eShiksa provides various services including Shiksa Pay which powers the cashless fee collection to the Institutes allowing the parents to pay fee right from their finger tips, eTracking which helps the Institute to track the buses and the parents can track the child, e-commerce module for online sales for the Institute, Education Service portal which takes care of the entire ecosystem of the education Institute, Digitor which is a learning management system for the Institute and many more.

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eShiksa provides the parent/student a single window for viewing various reports on the academic front and also paying all kinds of school/college fees online. The Parent/student can pay fees and make other payments online in a secure and convenient manner.

eShiksa provide Institutes with powerful features for any type of private and public academic institutions. eShiksa is designed for ease of use and flexibility.

eShiksa efficiently tracks the details of students past, future and current fee billing / payment collection receipts. eShiksa fees management solution makes working smooth while saving about 90% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paper less Management.

Key Features of Education Service Portal

  • Single Platform for Education Institute for managing the entire ecosystem of the Institute from anywhere anytime. Comes in two variants to suit different needs of the Institute
  • The Institute gets their own branded app for Students, Parents and Teachers
  • Pay as you go model which makes eShiksa a costeffective solution for the Education Institute
  • Various Payment Solution Pre Integrated which requires no paper work and integration required with Payment providers
  • Multiple Campus management through single window
  • Students/Parents can make Online Fees Payments
  • Complete update on child’s performance, attendance and fee payments to Parents
  • User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills
  • Child tracking through our product eTracki for ensuring child security

eShiksa is today working in India, Nepal, Maldives, Mauritius and will be launched in 3 more countries in the next few months including Malaysia.

eShiksa was founded in 2013 by Pravin Sharma, ex National Sales Head for one of the leading payment service provider atom technologies. eShiksa team is comprised of well-experienced and competent professionals possessing the right knowledge and expertise in the service industry, bringing about a quality upgrade in serving and catering to the changing needs of clients.

eShiksa efficiently tracks the details of students past, future and current fee billing/payment collection receipts. eShiksa fees management solution makes working smooth while saving about 90% of manual work

In the rapidly changing education landscape, how eShiksa meets the demands of education stakeholders?

Digitalisation is the key for any industry and organization today. Education has been a key segment which will benefit with the implementation of digitalisation of various aspects of the ecosystem of the Education Institute. Using eShiksa education management portal, the education Institute will be able to manage different aspect of the Institute smoothly and effectively in a digital mode without the headache of management of the hardware and servers at their end. In today’s scenario mostly both the parents are working or living far away from the institution and it’s practically difficult for them to visit the Institute personally for monitoring or payments for their wards. Our parent/student login module enables the parents to review their wards performance and also make online payments for all types of fees of the education Institute real time from anywhere anytime.

eShiksa platform takes care of the entire ecosystem of an education institute with a service oriented model. The model is suitable for the different categories of education institutes.

Most of the institutes are moving towards effective and cashless management systems, how eShiksa helps organisations in this regard?

Shiksa Pay is the offering from eShiksa team after successful implementation of its product eShiksa Education Service Portal (ESP) at various Institutes. eShiksa is offering cashless solution over 300+ Institutes over the last 3 years.

Shiksa Pay is a flexible system where in the Institute can manage different categories of fees and can manage all the needs of the Institute with related to fees collection.

Using Shiksa Pay the students/parents will be able to pay online using their account or cards with ease of pay from anywhere. Shiksa Pay comes with a mobile app which gives the advantage of payment using mobile.

Shiksa Pay gives control to the management of the Institute to access critical financial data related to fees on their fingertips which ensures proper financial planning and business forecast. Apart from being available on the desktop, it can be accessed from mobile and tables.

eShiksa’s Shiksa Pay Fees Management Portal is completely managed by us. The Institute is not required to manage any server or hardware to enable eShiksa for their Institute in our SaaS based model. This also helps us provide online support to the Institute remotely irrespective of the Institutes Location.

How eShiksa Education Service Portal (ESP) helps an institute in managing every aspect for better results and outcomes?

eShiksa platform takes care of the entire ecosystem of the Education Institute from the admission to the exit of the child with a service oriented model which suits the needs of different categories of Education Institute.

The system allows the Education Institute to run their operations smoothly and have a better parent/ student interaction with the education institute and also helps in branding the Institute as a digital organization.

What is your vision and mission for upcoming years?

We plan to be an Online Platform for On-demand services in Education and we plan to launch more services at the student/parent end for generating revenue from the end user. We want to be a service provider offering a wide range of services to the Institute which are cost effective and innovative which resolves real problems of an Institute.

We are targeting to onboard 1500+ Institutes and an User base of 1 million plus in the next 12- 18 months with more value added services to the users .

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