Sculpting Characters through Quality Education

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We believe in imparting quality education to the students so that they develop intellectual capacity, skills, right attitude in addition to humane and cognitive abilities, says R K Trivedi, Dean, O P Jindal Group of Schools, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

How do you perceive the current technology-driven education scenario?

R K Trivedi, Dean, O P Jindal Group of Schools

R K Trivedi, Dean, O P Jindal Group of Schools

The learners of present time are digital citizens and a technology-driven education environment is well suited to their adaptive needs. Today, innovative and creative blending of traditional pedagogical approaches with digital contents and technology is transforming the learning experiences and outcomes. Digitalisation of records and opening of high-tech communication channels between various stakeholders of education has led to their integration and empowerment. Conversely, preserving and guarding digital data is now a new imperative for schools. Educators must now demonstrate to their students how to use technology as a tool to gather correct knowledge and reject forged knowledge acquired through a process of copying and pasting without understanding. Schools also need to take up the challenge of maintaining a balance between the goals of education and excessive dependence on technology.

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What are the innovative methods you have introduced in your school?

We constantly challenge ourselves in order to bring the best possible solutions to cater to the needs of our students who come from diverse socio-economic and cultural strata. A judicious blend of traditional and technology-based method is implemented for the Pre-Primary Section. Writing Slate boards promoting ease of writing, storytelling method; simulated learning environment for integrated learning has been implemented alongside diagnostic Assessment Sheets for personalised learning. Life Skills are emphasised in the school calendar, right from the junior most class.

Our school promotes the competitive spirit in academic excellence by conducting Competency tests in core subjects from Primary Section onwards. CMP committee monitors CMP or Common Minimum Programme. A theme-based Science Park for experimenting with science apparatus is aimed to stimulate scientific enquiry of learners of all ages.

In order to develop the diverse co-scholastic skills of our talented students, the school conducts special evening coaching for sports, visual and performing arts.

Freedom to express is promoted and guaranteed to teachers and students alike. Several social services are designed and executed by and for the students, giving them opportunities to think, act and proudly exhibit their works throughout the year.

What initiatives are being taken in your institution?

Our institution pursues a nationalistic philosophy and our nation’s agenda is our agenda. We are dedicated and committed to bringing transformations in the ecology and demographics in and around the periphery of our school.

A large-scale and sustained tree plantation programme as a community participation project helped our teachers and students to plant around 6,000 trees. In second stage of plantation project, we have set the target of planting 10,000 trees by 2020.

Initiative of imparting Digital and Financial Literacy to the students of schools in our periphery, 20 schools have already been provided 100 % Digital Literacy.

An inclusive education is part of our school’s corporate responsibility that is actively implemented in our school catering to the students of 32 peripheral villages.

Various activity clubs and International associations/collaborations like the British Council, IAYP, UNESCO, USO, SpicMacay activities help our children to carve an edge to their personalities. We believe in the benefits of developing competency in area-multilingualism. Our students learn not only the prescribed languages but also regional languages and international languages like German. Blended learning activities on language development in school assembly are one of our child-centric learning initiatives in this area.

Our strive for excellence extends to CPD of our teaching staff. Frequent in-house, interactive training sessions are organised by, and for the teachers where they share, brainstorm, and standardize the best teaching practices to be adopted by the school.

Our school functioning is being monitored, recorded, evaluated on a day-to-day basis through the software & systems developed and maintained by in-house, full time tech-professionals.

We comply and abide by all the ethical and mandatory CBSE and Government of India norms and the agenda of the nation.

How do you ensure holistic development of students?

We are focused on accomplishing our school mission and vision in complete letter and spirit. We endeavour to sculpt and integrate the varied aspects of each student’s character and personality and groom him/her as a life-long learner, responsible citizen and above all a good human being. This is secured through a child-centric pedagogy oriented in activity-based learning.

An emphasis on Yoga helps students to connect their mind and body as well as reach out to the roots of our ancient heritage. We promote sports with a conviction in its far-reaching impact on not only physical and motor development, but also team spirit. The annual calendar of school activities is carefully planned and executed for a balanced learning in a technology driven environment.

What methods have you introduced to encourage creative bent of mind?

A proximity to nature, with trees peeping inside classrooms provides an apt ambiance to the mind with a creative bent. While designing and executing their lessons, our teachers who hail from diverse cultures and demography bring the desired creative thinking prompts to their students. This exposure stimulates students to tap into their own creativity by blending inputs from our rich heritage and their own rich experiences. Students are engaged in myriad activities to stimulate their creative thinking in visual arts, performing arts, languages and other core subjects.

Freedom to express is promoted and guaranteed to teachers and students alike. Several social services are designed and executed by and for the students giving them opportunities to think, act and proudly exhibit their works throughout the year.

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