Seth M R Jaipuria School Ensuring Nation Building with Quality Education

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Quality Education

The school ensures holistic development of all students through holistic and integral education under the supervision of a team of committed, innovative, and motivating teachers, says Shreevats Jaipuria, Vice Chairman, Seth M R Jaipuria Schools and Jaipuria Institute of Management, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

What are the ways in which your school has reached out and connected with its neighbouring community?

Shreevats Jaipuria

Shreevats Jaipuria, Vice Chairman, Seth M R Jaipuria Schools and Jaipuria Institute of Management

Understanding the community around us is an integral part of a good education. We have multiple programmes and opportunities through which our school and college students reach out to the community around them. These include community service, group projects and cultural activities.

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How do teachers qualify school’s expectations and receive support from your school in achieving the organisation’s vision?

We have a strong belief in teachers’ development and learning as it paves the way to success for any educational institution. We provide multiple training opportunities in school and outside school to teachers on pedagogy, and subject knowledge. Moreover, we provide them with new teaching ideas for each and every topic in the syllabus through close to 1,00,000 lesson plans developed by us.

How does Seth M R Jaipuria Schools encourage developing leadership capacity in its students?

Leadership can’t be taught in a traditional classroom setting. It is developed through practice. From a primary level, the school should make students participate and take responsibility both within and outside the classroom.

What are the values inculcated by the school in its students to be successful in life ahead?

The most important skill in today’s world is the ability to learn itself. We try to inculcate selflearning in our students, and try to make them self-motivated from a very young age. In today’s world no success is possible without the ability to work with people and in teams. This requires empathy and listening skills. It gives not only a pathway to success but also makes one a better human being, who understands and helps people around himself or herself.

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How do you perceive the present-day educational system in our country?

There are many world-class institutions both at the school and higher educational level. But the average quality of institutions is very poor. We need to bridge this gap between a few great and mostly poor institutions.

What are the challenges faced by the Indian education system? How can it be resolved?

The greatest challenge is to improve access of quality education. We need to build schools that invest in improving the skills of teachers, and give students the skills to be required not only today but in the coming years as well. There are many institutions that are able to do this outside metropolitan cities.

What is the vision and motivation behind starting a new educational institute?

Whenever we start a new educational institution, our focus is on how we can give a differentiated learning experience to the student. We strongly believe that education has to be learner-centric and participative. My vision is to make quality private education available to students across towns and cities in India. For far too long, quality institutions have been concentrated only in metropolitan cities and a few state capitals. This must change.

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